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June 16, 2011


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So sorry I couldn't go this year:-(

Diana Troldahl

I spotted Lynnie :-}
I hope to meet up with her in Lansing soon and get my book back, thank you for signing it :-}
Colombus is only about 5 ours from here, I have hopes of attending TNNA some year soon!
Heck, with Oscar job hunting, we may even end up moving there, who knows?


Looking forward to the book signing on Saturday! I was late to work this morning because I had to read just one more page...


It was great to get to meet you :o)


I have been in Columbus during TNNA the past few years as my son went to Columbus College of Art and Design, Never went to TNNA, but went to Jeni's a lot! Wish I had been thinking, I could have headed you toward some great vegetarian food. Columbus is really a great city, not Boulder, but fun!

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