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June 04, 2011


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Diana Troldahl

Marvelous post!
I think my absolute favorite bit was the use of the yarn in one partner's hat for the brim on the hat of the other partner. I got a little verklempt.


Hello...couldn't find any other way to contact you, so I'm leaving a comment here. I as wondering if you have an update for Priscilla Gibson-Roberts' Knitting Cowichan Sweaters book. I'm having a hard time finding any info on it at all, except for your mention of it back in 2009. I was eagerly looking forward to the book. Thank you for reading.

Deb Robson

Thanks for caring about the Cowichan sweaters book. Priscilla and I are still working on it. Its a labor of love. Priscilla has had other things she needs to do, although part of what shes done is add even more material. Ive been writing the big book for Storey (published last week). We dont get paid anything for the months, sometimes years, of development on a book. I keep looking for a magic way to get the bills paid in a way that will let me concentrate on it and get it done soon {wry grin}! I have done almost all the charts (a huge job) and some of the editing and layout. Theres probably only about four months of full-time work left (plus figuring out how to finance the print run). So its close, but it wont be out tomorrow.


What, no yurts as shelter?

Hi Deb, just rec'd my copy of your book this week. What an amazing work!! I love it.

Also, thanks for the book recommendation (The Way of the River). Just finished reading The Gift of Rain which has a martial arts theme to it. Am amazed at the parallels with yoga as a discipline.

Deb Robson

Hi, Valerie! Actually, yurts showed up in some of the other folks presentations. I was watching for them--!

So glad you like Fleece and Fiber.

Yes, I saw many parallels between yoga practice and what BK Loren discusses in The Way of the River. She talks a bit about some parallels with meditation practice (alone) toward the end. Will check out The Gift of Rain.


Thank you for the update on the Cowichan sweater book. I'm excited to hear it's still going forward, and with even more material to boot! Maybe by the time it's out I'll have enough wool washed, carded and spun to design a new sweater from the new book. :)

The work you're both putting into it is greatly appreciated!

Deborah Robson

We appreciate your patience, Misty! I love your idea of starting on the yarn now {grin}.

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