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April 05, 2011


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Deb, how can I get a copy of that lace article? And why have you been holding out on me?

Deborah Robson

Donna, do you mean the article on Jane's work? I may have an extra copy. I'll look.

Holding out on you? The question is what else I may be holding out on you {wry grin}. I've published a *lot* of information that folks have written about lace, including mostly knitted, crocheted, hairpin, bobbin, needle, tatted, woven. . . . In addition to the books and the SS&Ds, the Spin-Off 23-year index (1977-2000) lists approximately 95 articles on lace, of which I edited and published about 75 (numbers are rounded off; I'm not making a mission out of the counting).

Deborah Robson

P.S. One of the reasons I was able to publish so many more articles in Spin-Off (that list is just the ones that feature *lace*) is that while I was editing the magazine its number of annual pages increased substantially, following subscriber and advertiser support. I had more than 500 printed pages/year to work with, whereas the previous editors had about 250. Those are total pages (including ads), but the growth gave me a huge space within which to include large quantities of great material. It was a moving target, and some of the administrative work never caught up and still haunts me, but it was fun.


Well, I'm honored to have one of my books on your "list." :) This is interesting stuff. I especially appreciate knowing that some of my favorite books have been strongly affected by your work!

Deb Robson

Im honored to have worked on one of your books, Joanne! And to have had an inside view of the development of another. That supper we all had in Estes Park provides an ongoing delightful memory.


Impressive. I'm stunned.


I was showing JC Briar a book the other day and she said that I should bring it to your attention...
The Quest of the Warrior Sheep by Christopher Russel and Christine Russel. It is a fun junior novel featuring different kinds of rare breed sheep that go on a quest.

Deborah Robson

Thanks so much, Stormy! I've located the book and it's on its way in this direction. Being me, I'd like the cover art to look a bit more like the sheep being featured, but hey, I can tell what some of them are even in cartoon representations {grin}. I look forward to finding out which breeds the others happen to be.

Deborah Robson

Barbro, I'm sort of stunned myself. The list has added up over the years. I wonder what would happen if I put in the rest of the books? Not this week. It took a while to gather the ones I've included, and I have other work to do right now.


LOL, yes the article on Jane's work. And I was just teasing on holding out. What a great book it would be to compile all the old spinoff articles about lace!


Deb Robson

Just after I left, they did compile a book of Spin-Off articles on spindles. I thought that was a great idea.

Janes work was breathtaking.


You honestly don't need the COE in Handspinning, Deb. You already have an amazing amount of skill and knowledge and it would be pretty much a waste of your precious time to follow all those prescribed steps. You really don't need to prove yourself to anyone and it's a moving target anyhow. I was lucky enough to be a "scribe" awhile back during the judging of a COE with Jane Fournier as one of the judges. My, what an eye-opener! She definitely deserves your praise.

BTW I think I own most of those books as well as most of the magazines you've edited. Yes, my bookshelves are well-stocked! Now I'm looking forward impatiently for your latest and greatest to be released. Congratulations on all your (and your co-author's) hard work and dedication to getting it out there.

Deborah Robson

Thanks for all your good words, Louisa. It would have been a delight to be a scribe for a COE judging where Jane Fournier was involved. She's skilled, wise, gentle, modest, and generous.

I'm waiting somewhat impatiently to see The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook in printed and bound form. Of course I've seen the pages at a number of stages--Carol and I saw more iterations of page proofs than for most books, for which I'm grateful. Yet there's nothing like seeing (and holding) the finished book. You never know what you've really made until then.

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