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April 03, 2011


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I never do any kinds of certifications either. It's always seemed like a waste of time to me, however I do understand that other people feel it's beneficial or even necessary for them. Then again, I also quit high school and I quit college 4 or 5 times before I decided that getting a degree was not going to be part of my life.


It's interesting to hear your reflections on this certification thing...I've thought about this a lot. Although I have constantly explored and learned as a spinner, I have no deep interest in getting a certificate. I'm proud of my academic degrees but also feel like I am done with that part of directed learning and grades in my life. I don't know what earning the certificate would prove at this juncture--I already get to write and teach about spinning, which I love doing!

I'm curious to know why people seek the certificate and what it "earns" or does for them..aside from an organized and expansive approach towards learning. Thanks for talking about this and why some people choose -NOT- to do the certification.

Deb Robson

Joanne, if all else in my life were equal, Id probably do it, because I have seen the depth of learning that comes to those who have. Yet I think I have achieved a certain depth of learning by what Ive done instead.

Laura Sue

I took a spinning class in 1978. Our "text" was Elsie Davenport's book. I still have it and still treasure it. As a shepherd said to me once, "I doubt the information has gone out of date...."

Deborah Robson

Elsie has definitely **NOT** gone out of date, Laura Sue. She's pretty amazing. Just no fancy color photos. Basics? Yup. Designer yarns? Yup. Great background info? Of course.

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