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April 06, 2011


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L.M. Cunningham

I'm not sure what happened -- it followed me through moving to Calgary and then within the city once -- but I'm no longer getting my catalogue, and I miss it so! Worth every bit of the $6+ postage.

Especially since I can't get to Parade of Breeds....

Deb Robson

You need to get back on the list. I get the print copy because I use them for reference repeatedly, whether I attend or not.

L.M. Cunningham

Yeah, I know. I've got a lovely collection of them that I just love to leaf through and see "stuff" repeatedly.

I meant to send something to Gwen last fall, but forgot. :-P

The Canadian dollar is worth $1.04 US, so now would be a good time to send something....


Oh, this is the first mention of Maryland S&W that makes me sorry I'm not going! I can live with not getting the catalog this year. I can live with not visiting my folks this time of year in Virginia...but oh, this post made me smell, taste, and see the festival. I'm so sorry I won't be able to see you there! (and how I wish they'd done formalized book signings when Fiber Gathering came out! I signed books for several hours in the cold rain in Carol Leigh's tent in 2009. Damp. Very damp.)

Deb Robson

Joanne, you will have plenty to distract you from Maryland Sheep and Wool this year! And think what fun it will be to introduce the kiddos to it in a future year. . . .

I had actually looked forward to the possibility of signing in some individual vendors booths, to support their work and maybe have a smaller-scale environment in which to actually talk to folks, but this will be good, too. Rain is not so good. I always go to Maryland prepared for rain and/or extreme heat. Sometimes its just lovely! But Im ready to have a good time, no matter what.


Can not believe you got your printed copy before I did. Matter of fact, I never get a printed copy despite signing up on the list every year. So weird. I'm really excited to see you and your finished masterpiece. Will there be copies available for purchase somewhere before the signing? Gotta get my hands on one and of course I want it signed! :))

Deb Robson

Dina, thats weird about your not getting a catalog. Youre so close! I have no idea whether copies will be available to buy before the signing. Im low on the list to be informed (which is okay, mostly, as long as I know when and where Im supposed to be). Im guessing that theyll have them at or near the information tent. Id think theyd want to handle the purchases in advance of the signing! In order to avoid more chaos than is necessary. The festival has a lot of experience in avoiding chaos.


OK, is the book definitely going to be on sale and available at MDSW? Book signing on Sunday implies books will be available for purchase to benefit the MDSW festival. Book giveaway Saturday night implies there will be books available before Sunday, as well. Are you guys selling copies at the Fiber Crawl party? Do you know any booths that will definitely have it on Saturday?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Deb Robson

Lynn, I just sent your questions to someone who might know the answers. Me, I just show up with my pen(s). . . . Id like to know more to tell folks!

Deb Robson

Lynn, Ive got answers to your questions. One of the two people who are organizing the event at Maryland has responded already:

No one will have the book for sale on Saturday at the festival. The only way to get a book on Saturday is to buy a ticket to the FiberCrawl party. We had previously discussed just doing giveaways at the party, but A. and I were just talking, and it seems like it would be a good idea to sell the book there as well.

We have 115 copies of the book to use for the weekend. Ill be taking care of the sale, we arent going through a vendor, so why dont I bring a few cases of books to the party on Saturday night. After your presentation, well do a giveaway and 5 people will win a copy of the book. After the giveaway, well have a table and Ill collect money from people whod like to buy a copy. Well charge the $35 retail price. There will be a limited amount of books available, because Ill need to save a lot of them for the booksigning at the festival the next day.

The books for the festival are being air-freighted in, which is why the number of copies is so limited. The main shipment is now in a container on a ship, and couldnt be guaranteed to have arrived, cleared customs, and made it across the continent in time for the festival.


Thank you for that terrific information about getting your book. I'm going to be bold and predict you'll blow through the 115 copies in no time!

"There will be a limited amount of books available, because I'll need to save a lot of them for the booksigning at the festival the next day."

Um, does that mean the books will be GIVEN AWAY at the signing like at BEA events? I'm doubting that so how are booksigning attendees going to purchase their books?


Deborah Robson

Dina, Yeah, I think we'll run out of books. I suggested an idea to Storey for what to do if/when that happens, and they liked it. It will be pretty easy to implement.

And no, the books at the signing won't be given away. Someone from Storey will be handling the sales. At some point, Carol and I need to start earning some royalties for the work we've done {wry grin}.

The five copies being given away on Saturday night actually exceed my expectations for what would be happening there!


Deb -
Thanks so much for letting us all know so quickly! I posted the info on Ravelry, a friend from my spinning group was just asking the same question, as it turns out.

Deb Robson

Thanks for passing the information along, Lynn. Ive been getting onto Ravelry for a few minutes every couple of days--not enough! Things are still going a mile a minute (or faster) around here.


This post made me sad for not being able to go AGAIN this year. My oldest daughter is having her graduation ceremony that weekend in Utah and I will be there for the second of 3 times in the first six months of this year!
Next year I AM going and it's on my calendar!

Deborah Robson

I didn't get to go to Maryland for quite a few years, Beth, between when I left Interweave and when I had an opportunity to go again (i.e., afford the ticket, the hotel room, and so on). It's a delight when I get there, although I still "see" the festival at a smaller size (it was already pretty large by the first time I got there, but has grown even more). What an amazing event it is. It will be there for you, too, and if you're like me you'll appreciate it even more for having missed it.

A daughter's graduation, as you know, doesn't come around all that often. I'm missing one of my daughter's commencements this year because I'm teaching that weekend. We'll need to celebrate another time. It's not high school or college, though. I was at both of those. (She's getting her master's.)


Deb, I'm sorry but I am still confused about getting the book for the signing. How, exactly, do I do that? I won't be at Guido's party on Saturday and I doubt I'll be at the festival on Saturday. So where/how do we get the book on Sunday? If I have to go on Saturday to get the book, I will.

I agree completely you and Carol need to start making money from this venture so am glad for you that books aren't being given away.

Can't wait to see you!

Deb Robson

Dina, as I understand it there will be a certain number of books available for sale on Sunday in close proximity to where were signing. I learned this week that the sales will be handled by one of the folks from Storey; I think two will be there. Hope that helps. . . .


Oh, okay. I guessed I missed that earlier. Thanks!!

Deb Robson

Youre welcome!


Hmm. You've re-energized my desire to celebrate my "graduation" by doing something--aka driving cross-country to MSWF! However, sadly, sanity? prevails. Wishing you bright skies, dry footing, happy sheep, and sales through the cloud tops!

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