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April 19, 2011


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Wow - a bouncing baby - er, book!

Congratulations! So wonderful to see it in actual form instead of the fibre dream is has been for so long! :D



Ooooh, first comment! 3 lb and 10 oz is the weight of the brainchild, your life's work, it's been birthed into the fiber universe. I'm overtaken by emotion and gratitude.

I wish I could hug you right now. Know that my heart swells in happiness for you. The tiny web photos are gorgeous. I am eager to buy my own copy.

If you drink champagne, now's the time!


Ach, Deb - what a moment! Thanks for sharing it, in detail, with all of us.
Can't wait to get my hands on one!
As a newbie spinner, this makes my hands ITCH!

Cat Bordhi

It is beyond beautiful, Deb. I am SO proud of this new child. May all blessings rain down upon the book and from within the book to all who encounter it.


Oh what a beautiful book it is Deb! I makes me shiver only looking at your photos, so I will probably go down on my knees when I hold it in my hands :) Congratulations to all of you involved in this project, and especially to you!

Sarah Jane

Congratulations Deb!!! I'm so looking forward to having this book in my hands (though I hope that Barbro is sitting when she first gets it:-)).

Have an absolutely great week, you totally deserve it!


I am amazed at your patience and thoughtfulness. I would have ripped the whole package open in excitement and then wished I had taken photos. You, as always, are an inspiration.

Plus, it's gorgeous and I want one NOW!




Congratulations, it's beautiful, can't wait to get my hands on it!

Janice in GA

How lovely and wonderful, and what a great presentation!



Congratulations! I've been following the progress of this book since it was a big secret, and I can't wait to get my copy!

It will be the impetus and the guideline for organizing my collection...


Congrats!!! It looks absolutely amazing & gorgeous.

L.M. Cunningham

Gobsmackingly gorgeous!


What a powerful post. Thanks for sharing the luscious details of getting the first copy in the mail. You really made the experience come alive. I hope you have time to do something fun today to celebrate!


I can't wait to get my hands on my own copy!

terri shea

It looks beautiful, Deb. I can't wait to get my copy. I'd love to hear about the technical book specs. Paper, binding, software, etc. I think people like that part, too. Or did I miss it? Or am I geeking out? :)

Meg Caulmare

Congratulations, Deb, on a hard-won, well-deserved, adn beautiful volume. I love your comment that this is the book you have wanted to consult. Me, too! I'm grateful for your precision of language, research skills, discipline, sense of play, and sheer joy in the work. What a rare package.

Isn't it funny that you yourself have given this "first look" moment to others, but it obviously didn't pale for you. :)

Thanks also for the compelling series on the COE (as well as the entry about Maryland, which made me tear up a bit bec I want to go, never have, and can't do it again this year). I have the same sense you and so many other readers have about the COE: it's a superb program and tool for learning skills, as well as showcasing them, and it never hurts to have good documentation about your work. Yet I wish there were an Academy Awards version. You know, some body to select deserving handspinners and award their excellence spontaneously. "May I have the envelope, please..." If such a body existed, you would be writing an acceptance speech.

Asking an obviously skilled handspinner about the COE is a bit like people finding out that I run, then asking if I plan to run the Boston Marathon. Um. Well, as exhilarating and fascinating as it would be to invest the discipline and training, I would begrudge the price of time. Other parts of my life, like nursing my aging parents, animal rescue, volunteering as a driver, not to mention my second job (for $$), all add too much richness to give up. I would miss all that terribly.

Everyone would agree that handspinners would ALL be poorer if you had passed up this brilliant book. I appreciate all the light you've put on the COE and your other work.

(*There's a congrats up there from Cat Bordhi!*).

And equally breathless: *See you at SOAR! I got the Thursday class!*

Kristi aka FiberFool

*squeeeeeee* You are bringing it to knitting on Monday so we can all ooo and ahhh over it, right? I can't wait to see it.

I'm so glad you used the photo I took. Though I have to wonder what 3 more years of photography knowledge and experience would now produce...

Sarah JS

Oh Deb! Congratulations again and again and again. It's absolutely gorgeous & you're incredibly generous (like we didn't already know that) in giving us the pictorial sharing of seeing your book for the first time. You're a such a gift to the fiber world and to the effort of the preservation of rare breeds.


Huge congrats to you and also Carol and all the others who helped to make this book real. It's absolutely GORGEOUS!! A magnum opus. I can hardly wait to get my very own copy!

Susan J. Tweit

WOO-HOO! Happy Day! What a wonderful achievement! It's a book, and what a grand one, at long last...


What a beautiful accomplishment!


Congratulations! I love that it came gift-wrapped, too. I'd love to see a copy to review, it sounds fantastic.

Carol Ekarius

Well, your poor coauthor is still waiting for her copy, but is ever so grateful for this amuse-gueule to wet her appetite! (Mine is lost in transit, boo hoo.)

When you weigh it, Deb, it is understandable why our pregnancy lasted for several years for this baby!



Super excited for you! Thrilled it came out so well and that you were able to see a copy before your signing.

What an unbelievable amount of work you both put into this baby. Astounding!! Time to get those royalties rolling in. I hope this will quickly establish itself as the must-have book for every spinners bookshelf.


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