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April 15, 2011


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Well, I'm signed up for the last Saturday retreat session - hope we both survive til then. Just finished watching your DVD and will have spun up 14 things from the two endangered lists, before SOAR. I can't wait!

Deb Robson

Lynn, I think well both be fine by that last session. I know that the sessions can be difficult for presenters--four on the same topic, all in a row, two days straight--so Im planning ahead for how to manage that. Well see how I do! I know that participants are also filled to the brim by then.

Whether we talk at the retreat session or elsewhere during SOAR, Id love to hear about your experiences with the 14 breeds: which ones, and what you thought of your meetings with them.


So far the Hog Island isn't bad, and I'm really liking the Gulf Coast.  Katahdin is ... interesting.  Some Dorset, Shropshire, and Karakul came in the mail, yesterday.  I imagine MDSW will be just as crazy as SOAR but hope to meet you at the Fiber Crawl party.  Childhood friend Christiane at North Valley says her Lincoln locks may have ended up on the cover - can't wait to see up close!

Deborah Robson

If your Hog Island isn't bad, Lynn, you're doing well. There are very few of the sheep, and I'm convinced that the wool can be better than what I've seen, if it's not considered a throw-away. Gulf Coast can be a delight! I've recently spun some (from Spirit Trail, ready-to-go and dyed) for a project. Katahdin (or some other hair sheep) is good to experience.

Yes, Maryland will be crazy. But the Fiber Crawl party should have a few relatively less-crazy moments.

The cover styling was fairly crazy, and all for aesthetics rather than identification (although I was carefully tracking what got taken out so it could be put back correctly, and I do have scrawled notes somewhere), but there is nothing in the set of samples that I see that those gray locks could be *other* than Christiane's Lincoln that she calls silver gray. Most of the samples in the spread on the purple background in this post are hers as well: http://ow.ly/4FBPq .

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