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March 16, 2011


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Ooooh Santa Fe sounds LOVELY this time of year. I say do it!

It was lovely to meet you yesterday at MSK -- hopefully we'll run into each other again soon! Happy knitting....


If it helps, the weather here is absolutely gorgeous right now! (I live in Albuquerque but it's of course quite similar.) Of course, it being New Mexico, that could change in the next 10 minutes ;) but truly, we've had several weeks of increasingly lovely days!

Deb Robson

Lizz, great to meet you in yarnland. Yes, I expect our paths will cross again!

Santa Fe seems to be coming together. Nothing is certain, but signs are pointing in that direction.

Deborah Robson

Mary-Heather, thanks for the weather update! The quick changes are what we expect in Colorado, too. The question will be whether the timing I have in mind (between various commitments of my own and of other family members) coincides with a time when the roads are clear (especially Raton Pass, assuming I go that way, or all the other passes, if I go the other way). We're not past the season when snow can come on suddenly and heavily.


Ohhh. Santa Fe. Sign me up. :)

Funny that you are mentioning Churro, too... It was lovely talking to you yesterday. Probably one of the better parts of the day! Still thinking about Herdwick and ruminating on DNA over here. Hope you will be able to make the trip work out. A little road trip is good for the soul. :)

Deb Robson

A little road trip is especially healing for me. I get lots of thinking time while driving (which I enjoy) and I get to see new things.

Loved our talk. Will tell you about Santa Fe, assuming I can get there, since youre temporarily limited in your traveling scope!

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