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March 17, 2011


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Chery Kendrick

Wonderful! congratulations- i hear you re the makeup - same here - thanks for the reminder too about the Maryland sheep and wool festival!! this is one i wanted to put on my calender- And want to say excellent job! thanks for all you do



Deb Robson

I love Maryland. I have worked the festival (far) more often than I have attended it, so going there is a bit like going home--to a home that, like Brigadoon, appears and disappears. (http://www.tams-witmark.com/musicals/brigadoon.html)

Betty Salpekar

It was great fun to watch the clips, read about their making, and learn something about processing wool. And I'm looking forward to learning a lot more from your new book!

L.M. Cunningham

I couldn't agree with you more about Maryland: if I could have arranged my trip east to slip in a quick flight in and out of BWI, I would have.


Fun to see the episodes -- thanks for the link. I'll sit Mom down in front of them one of these days! OX

Deborah Robson

Glad you found them, Meg. They're lots shorter than the DVDs!

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