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March 27, 2011


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Meg Caulmare

Hi again, Deb, This comment actually goes back to your previous post on preparing packets for your rare breeds classes. I have a source for Soay fleece in New York State. Do you want the link? I can post it here, or send privately. Or I can send it to Beth Smith and Jennifer Heverly, if they do most of the supply searching? Best wishes,

Meg C

Susan J. Tweit

Thanks for the walking rocks, Deb! I showed them to Richard and he was charmed. We'll look for them next time we're in Santa Fe. He wanted to comment, but the VA Hospital doesn't have internet access, so he said to tell you thank you for rock-sculpture-spotting for him...

Deb Robson

I spotted other rock sculptures for Richard, but those were by far the best (in my opinion). So lovely to see his mailbox in person this week, and I always love the water/rock combination in the cottage. Sending you both love and hugs.

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