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January 11, 2011


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L.M. Cunningham

ROFL. "Strong nudging," eh?

I like that....

Deb Robson

Glad I gave you a laugh, Linda!


I will look forward to hearing more about the Canadian workshops! With two little ones on the way, I imagine that kind of travel will be near to impossible for me to arrange, but I'll dream about it for now. :)

So glad to hear you resurfacing on the blog again!


Happy for the maps! The DVD is pre-ordered, as the book. What a thriller this is. I'm so glad you share the work with us :)


Not that I expect anything but beautiful, easy to read maps from someone as quality conscious as you are - but please don't omit the scale, legend etc for the maps. So many sloppy maps around!

Canadian workshops - where? I'm interested!

Deb Robson

I have limited control over the maps presentation. I provided scale and legends with the reference materials. After that. . . . Well see!

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