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January 05, 2011


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lynne s of oz

Woot! I've been waiting to see this for a while :-)
Once US Amazon has it listed I can pre-order it. (We don't have an Amazon and our book prices suck big bikkies - $25 in the US means $50 here)

Anna McCarthy

Oh happiness happiness! I have some Christmas money waiting for me at Powell's-my favorite purveyor of such things. Can't wait. Meanwhile the winter drags on. Perfect!

Deb Robson

Yay Powells! I need to turn some surplus books around here back into book-buying cash by selling some books back to them.

Deb Robson

Lynne, US Amazon had it listed over the weekend, but I cant find it now. Amazons listing processes will make a person crazy if you try to make sense of them. It should be there (again?) soon. I ran into the US v. Canada/Australia pricing problems last week. They make even less sense than Amazons listing processes. . . . Im glad you can use other channels. Thanks again so much for the Dorset Down help! MUCH appreciated . . . by me and, although they may not realize it, by every reader of the book.


Following the creation of your book has been very interesting. So much work!

I'll keep looking out for the book.

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