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January 05, 2011


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Just overwhelming! And it's not even my book!

Deb Robson

Just dont write one this big {grin}.

Malin M

Perfect release date! Just in time for my birthday. :)

Best of luck and strenght for the last things on your book. Can't wait for it to come out.

- One of your students in Stirling.


It's getting more and more exciting! Says another student now spinning what's left of the Cotswold from Stirling :))


Deb, I may be coming to SOAR in October. Even if not, is there some way I can help?

Deb Robson

Sarah, it will be WONDERFUL if you can come to SOAR! Id love to meet you. Yes, theres likely a way you can help. Ill catch you up through another channel.

Deb Robson

Barbro, yes, its very, very exciting. And I *might* actually get the pages proofed by the end of today, which is when I need to ship them back by overnight delivery. Ive finished the sheep and started on the goats.

Isnt Cotswold a delight? The pictures of the Cotswold samples in the book are some of my favorites, and the photo of the Cotswold *sheep* makes me smile every time I see it. Its a little unusual as a photo of a Cotswold, and its absolutely charming.

Deb Robson

I remember you, Malin, of course! And thanks for the reminder . . . Stirling was an amazing but also distracting experience {wry grin}. Im so glad the release date is in time for your birthday. Im really glad to see the book available for ordering internationally. Thanks for the good wishes. Theres this proofing, then one more check (which will be intense, because of the number of changes that have to be made), and then . . . out of my hands for a few months, while its being printed.



I was a bit intrigued by the Cotswold at first, but the forth sample I made was quite comfortable spinning, so yes, I like it. It's only a few locks that I combed, but they give me a hint of what this wool can be. Fine, lustrous and strong. I'll do a mini weaving sample when I'm finished :)


Glad to hear from you again--I was wondering how you were doing with this colossal task! Congrats on all the exciting teaching plans for next year..all very neat stuff to enjoy in 2011! I am excited for you in terms of this book. It will be such a relief when it is published and released into the world!

Deb Robson

Joanne, Iev sure been thinking of you a lot while I work through the pages. Theres a strong thread in this book that wouldnt have been there without your help. Thank you again! Back to pages. I have until about 4 p.m. today to get through the rest. Focus, focus.

Susan J. Tweit

I know the proofing is making you crazy, I know there's another pass, and I know this whole huge project has taken up WAY too much of your time, but still... It's just fabulous! Yay for you and Carol, yay for Storey keeping it a reasonable price, yay for the doors this will open for you. Hang in there. Breathe. And know lots of us are out there sending you patience and energy and appreciation, and heck, love!

Deb Robson

Thanks SO much, Susan. Your faith in this project is steadfast and appreciated. And you have seen up close the kind of work (and play!) thats gone into it. All your support is heartwarming.

Susan J. Tweit

It's easy to support this project, Deb--it's so clearly a huge and very, very valuable undertaking, and it allows you a chance to express some of your passion for the sheep and their incredible variety of wool!

Toni Mesplay

Didn't think I would be interested when reading your blog recently, but now I think I must have this book. It is a beautiful book. :-)


Deb Robson

Glad you are intrigued now, Toni! The book promises to be absolutely gorgeous. The art director and photographer are doing a dynamite job.


I can't tell you how excited I am about this book. I'm fairly new to spinning, and I've been buying small batches of all kinds of different fibers to get a feel for them all, and learn what they can do. The book looks gorgeous and I can't wait to see what someone who knows what they are doing has to say about it all.


FYI- I was able to pre-order it through Amazon US.

Deb Robson

Tracy, you are at the spot that I was at in learning to spin where I began to want a book like this! That was many, many years ago. Im so glad to be getting it ready for you to discover.

And thanks for letting me know about the Amazon US preorder: its true, the people at Storey have rattled the correct cages and gotten the listing fixed (Im even on the sites as an author now {grin}). Must go congratulate the Storey folks on their effective intervention.


So good to hear things are moving along. I hope they just keep going... Hang in there!

Deb Robson

I finished proofing the bibliography and sent it back today! Its not a complete bibliography. If wed tried for that, itd take another six months to get the book out. But I think we hit the high points. Its six pages of tiny type. Onward we go. Hanging in.

Camille Schuette

Hi! My name is Camille(28). I have been reading your blog, since before you started writing about the book.

I am a relatively new to everything. But I have 14 Angora goats. And 3 Angora rabbits. And love to knit and spin.

I hope to get some rare breed sheep. But, I am waiting for your book to come out. But I am trying to spin as many different breeds possible.

I can't wait for your book and dvd to come out! And thank you for all the hard work, that you have done now and in the future!! YOU ROCK!!

Deb Robson

Hi, Camille! You are in up to your ears in fiber, with the goats and the rabbits (you have a terrific range of fibers available to you there). The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy can help you figure out which rare sheep breed will work best for your situation . . . yet they are not experts on fiber, so between the book (which will show you what to expect in the way of spinning and knitting materials from the various breeds) and their advice, you should be able to make informed decisions that will make you (and the sheep, and your goats and rabbits, of course) happy. Thanks for your good words about my work!

Interweave says their newsletter will have a preview of the DVD next week. I havent seen anything of it since the studio sessions. Ill be as curious as anyone about what the end result is like.


What a ton of work - and what an exciting year ahead!

Wishing you all the best for 2011.

Deb Robson

Jeni, I have started an e-mail back to you, and you see why it hasnt gotten finished and sent yet! Happiest 2011 to you, too. Maybe Ill get to visit Scotland again before long?

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