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January 24, 2011


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Susan J. Tweit

Lovely! (Well, except for the van getting stuck and the canceled trips to town for your cabin-mate.) I hope the reading, spinning, short bit of writing, and above all the time to breathe help you restore your balance and imagine the path ahead. Hugs!

Diana Troldahl

Enjoy the rest, and strong good wishes toward your next dream realized.

L.M. Cunningham

Looks fabulous, and I'm jealous: I though I was going to have an opportunity like that this week.

"Was" being the operative word....


"They have a lovely winch."

in West Coast Scotland, winching means kissing!

Deb Robson

Thats very funny about the Scottish winch. Associates with tow truck experience here wonder, then, where wench came from.


Sounds lovely. Glad you have time for tea & a walk!


May you be glad you're down from altitude this week, may you get more chances to recharge, may the way get smoother for you!

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