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December 10, 2010


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L.M. Cunningham

I. Want. That. Book. :-)

And have a friend here doing a post-doc, who is from Birmingham and heading home next weekend for the holidays. Might slip him some cash and a short shopping list when we get together for a holiday bev next week.

Deb Robson

I assume you mean the BWMB book. It isnt even that expensive--12 pounds. The trick is shipping. Sounds like you might have an ally.


I think I may even have an old copy of a British Wool book--do they publish different editions every few years? In any case, this sounds like a great addition to my library. Glad to hear about it--thanks for the heads up. It's also good to hear from you. I was wondering how things were going over in your neck of the woods!

Deb Robson

Joanne, the old BWMB book was oversized and I think the previous edition came out in about 1983. So every few years might be every couple of decades.

You would really enjoy this book. I think the professor, too, would enjoy the photographs.

Edited to add: The BWMB was founded 60 years ago. The new sheep guide is the third edition of British Sheep and Wool.


Oh geez...now I have to bug Beth about that book and getting some more of that Tunis!

What an interesting post, thanks for taking the time to organizing your thoughts to share the info.

BTW...since I asked in your workshop, I noticed that the January issue of Threads magazine has the results of the U.S. "Make It Yourself With Wool" contest. It's interesting to see what fibers/fabrics they used. There's a lovely long evening dress made from wool crepe.

L.M. Cunningham

Hmm, £12 translates to about $20 Canadian: that's *very* reasonable for any sort of book these days.

Deb Robson

Thanks for the tip on the Threads issue, Valerie. Ill check it out. Yes, bug Beth about that book and the Tunis. . . . Have you heard about Sashas SpinDoctor contest on spinning breed-specific wool? Im going to mention it in the next post, but the announcement is in podcast episode 14 at time marker 36:07. Tunis (being a rare breed) gets extra points. . . . http://www.spindoctorpodcast.com/

Deb Robson

Yep. Very reasonable, indeed.

Interestingly, for what it is, Storeys price on Carols and my book will also be very reasonable indeed, which I think is a good thing. Id really like to see it get out there into lots of peoples hands, after all this work!


Hi Deb,
Just wanted to let you know that I've been posting on my after class work with the fibers. There are posts on the Shetland and the Churro.

Let me know if there's anything out of turn in the posts.

It's been fun to take a day here and there to spend with just one of the breeds.

Deb Robson

How cool, Valerie! Ill go look. Im proofing the book now, and it seems endless. This will be a nice break.

I have a post about two-thirds written about the class, and just havent had time to complete it. Ill celebrate the end of proofing (end of this week) by getting it done. And should be able to link to your posts as well! That will be fun. Thanks. . . .

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