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October 04, 2010


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lynne s of oz

Oh my - I've been out of the loop with my treatment for a while and yikes! This whole Knit Camp thing is not good. I'm sorry you and the other tutors have had to deal with all this rubbish and I hope the fundraising goes a long way towards paying you at least the travel costs. (It's also a lesson for anyone thinking of bringing instructors a long way - get your ducks in a row!)


This is disgraceful. I didn't attend KnitCamp but am ashamed at the non-payment to the tutors. I say NAME AND SHAME - who is responsible for this shambles?


I think JaneKAL did a great job setting this up. Obviously it would be better if you all had just GOT PAID in the regular way and if the money we campers had spent on our tickets had ever reached you all, but given that this didn't happen and there aren't enough assets around to get everyone paid, this is really the next best thing.
So sorry you have had to go through all this and the Boreray is a very apt fibre choice for this post.

Deborah Robson

Felix, I'm hoping that any fundraising is done with people's surplus (yarns swapped around, change that's fallen under the couch cushions and been forgotten, and so on). The participants DID pay for their events. Everything in this set of transactions is clean and appropriate . . . except for the one breakdown point.

Lifecovers, I have chosen not to name the person specifically in public because I don't think this was something she could control at the time. For that reason, it took me quite a while to be able to write this post. Where shaming would help some people moderate their future behavior, I think in this case it would be damaging to the healing and behavior-changing process. It's relatively easy to discover who it is, if need be to avoid future entanglements of the type we just experienced.

Lynne, I hope you are feeling better! Welcome back, and it was not a bad set of loops to have been out of {wry grin}. I'll get you some more wool content here before long.


I've been thinking of you and all the other tutors. This has been so rough and you have behaved in such a respectful and dignified way--truly professional in the midst of real difficulties.

For many years, I've avoided travelling to these kinds of events as a participant because I lacked the funds to do so...it didn't seem like something my budget would ever stretch to manage. I've also had several travelling teaching gigs that have only broken even or sadly cost me money in the long run...I feel a lot of empathy in this case. I am hopeful that this wonderful and above board effort will help with the financial issues and bring some healing to a very difficult time. Hugs.

Pat Ashforth (Woolhelmina)

In the interest of absolute clarity:

Three tutors have been paid, not two as mentioned above. It was my error. The list of unpaid tutors is correct but I had not amended my text to reflect this. Deb merely copied what I wrote on Ravelry.

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