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October 15, 2010


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Jody Herriott

The goldfish also eat the mosquito larvae. Lovely photos.

Susan J Tweit

I bet the water bowl in the first photo is for birds (assuming there aren't any free-roaming cats around). I love the idea of the goldfish in the horse trough, but I wonder how they manage when it freezes in winter...
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Deborah Robson

Jody, I thought the mosquito larvae might be eliminated by the goldfish but I didn't want to say so without checking it . . . and had neither time nor energy to do so! Thanks for adding the info. We have West Nile virus around here, so that would be a HUGE plus.

There are lots of birds around here, Susan, but I haven't seen a cat. The horses are probably here year-round, which means that they need unfrozen water. Whatever method is used to make that happen also takes care of the needs of the goldfish. Goldfish, being carp, are pretty hardy creatures and they do overwinter, given even a low level of environmental support. They don't even need any feeding other than whatever comes to them by chance in the tank.


Where did you find that beautiful faucet?

Deb Robson

The faucet was in a house I was staying in while I was doing some work this week. Unfortunately, I dont have a source! But *it exists,* so it can be found. . . . I have no idea where, and it would be an interesting internet search project to locate the manufacturer. Alas, I dont have time for this puzzle. . . . I wish I did!

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