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September 11, 2010


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Thank you so much for coming to the UK and persevering through all the nonsense to teach your classes. I took the rare breeds for spinners lesson and it was fantastic! A real eye-opener and the highlight of my week.

Deb Robson

Im grateful you were there. Thanks for the feedback--Ive been doing and researching these fibers for years, but Ive never had the opportunity to facilitate a workshop. I look forward to hearing about your explorations!


thoroughly enjoyed my class with you, and i know my friend did too - very good to meet you

Deb Robson

Thank you so much for letting me know that you enjoyed the class. I enjoyed having you both there!


You are being rather too charitable in your treatment of Knit Camp organization. I am aware that hardly anyone has been paid a cent for the hard work they did.
Please post something in your blog as to how we may support you by buying something that will give you some income to help you defray your losses: if enough of us take this route, it could work!

Deb Robson

Thanks, Corrie.

Im waiting just a bit to talk about some of the issues relating to UK Knit Camp. Partly I have been hoping there would be good news. Partly I want to focus personally on the positive things that did happen as a result of my trip to the UK; there were many. And partly I am doing damage control in the financial areas of my life, which need a lot of it right now.

At this very moment, though, Im in a photo studio working on the book thats in progress and has deadlines (but will not provide income for quite a while). Next week Ill be in Cleveland to tape two segments for Knitting Daily TV. Ive never done this before, and Im not ready (although I have to have the segments planned within the next 48 hours or so). I dont even have the clothes theyre asking me to bring! (I checked Salvation Army yesterday, without luck.) I wear t-shirts, jeans, and no makeup. They need me to wear shirts with button fronts . . . NOT white, black, or red, with 3/4 or long sleeves . . . so I can change outfits at their request without messing up the required, and fortunately supplied, makeup.

What this comes down to is: I cant think about anything else right now {wry grin}.

I am not a designer, so I dont have patterns or other items to sell. I do publish books on traditional and ethnic knitting and on handspinning, listed at http://www.nomad-press.com. Theyre available through many yarn shops and bookstores. I sell them directly through the website as well, but (1) they are not discounted on the site, in order to maintain equal pricing with independent stores that cant afford to discount (plus every penny coming in here counts), and (2) Im working on the road, so there may be a delay in the shipping of web-placed orders.

All of the tutors deeply appreciate your awareness of our situation and your support.

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