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September 22, 2010


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L.M. Cunningham

That's a great idea! I've got a small Bosworth spindle that I bought specifically to travel with, and have yet to take it anywhere -- maybe I should pack it with me to Ragdale?

My sample-sized niddy is a Timbertops English yew one: I don't think it was designed to come apart, but one arm of it does.

Hmm, I think I need a trip to Home Depot.

Deb Robson

I happened onto this. I was working on transporting some things, saw the containers, bought a couple of sizes . . . and the longest one evolved into this, and keeps doing it so well that it . . . keeps doing it. Highly recommended.

Cat Bordhi

Thanks, Deb - your system is so practical and sturdy and sensible. I shall have to obtain one of those containers, although at this point I have designed a really interesting compartmentalized spindle carrier. I do believe there would be room for a take-apart niddynoddy, too. Am traveling now, though, so have to wait to construct it.


What a wonderful idea - it would work great for my tiny turkish spindle. I must get on to making one for myself. Brain is already spinning with ideas on how to do this!

Deb Robson

Eddie, youre right that this would be perfect for a Turkish spindle, too! Think of what you could pack into the tube with a Turkish spindle instead of a regular whorl. . . . I just really like my Maggie spindles (and several others, but the small Maggies travel especially well).

Cat, I caught from your early comments that you are designing a compartmentalized carrier and I really, really want to see what you come up with. The idea of a take-apart niddy-noddy may be my contribution to your effort!

Deb Robson

By the way, I *have* broken two spindles while traveling. The rigid protection gives me a lot of peace of mind.


Brilliant!! I am heading right out to home depot! I have tried various things to transport spindles, all of them unsatisfactory. Even vaguely looked at the Golding Spindle travel case... but at $98. I could buy two spindles! Wonderful to meet you at Knit Camp UK... I was the one from Sitka who dragged my husband along. He survived!


Deb, I got a tube like that with a Blue Moon kit ages ago and have been using it as a travelling spindle case as well! Hadn't thought about the niddy noddy, but I have a tiny Timbertops one that will fit! Thanks for the reminder...I have a trip coming up and definitely want to bring my spinning gear!


That is such a great idea! I've broken more than a few spindles when taking them out and about that I've been looking for a rigid container just for this. I never thought to look at the hardware store.


Terrific idea... I'm always worried about crushing my spindle.


i've seen noddys (noddies?) made from thin pvc pipe: 1 longish pipe (up to 1') and 4 short ones (3-4"), plus 2 3-way connectors. dirt cheap, portable, disassemblable. most hardware stores will even cut the pipe for you (since you have to buy it in lengths of 8' or 10' or some absurdly long amount).


Thank you for posting this! I'll be checking out the hardware store. ;) Oh, and I just ordered a Magpie spindle.


I must get one of those containers. What are they actually called? I can't imagine that I will get good looks if I ask for the "spindle holder" @ Home Depot or the local hardware store ;-) Thanks for sharing.

Deborah Robson

Susan, I remember the Sitka connection, and am glad your husband survived Knit Camp along with the rest of us!

Amy, a Timbertops niddy would be a fine, fine thing to add to such a kit. Michael, I have a handful of Magpie's Maggie spindles.

Love to hear that folks are getting ideas for traveling with spindles. I'd like to hear more about everyone's solutions. Two broken spindles (my number) were two too many.

Keesoo, the container is officially described as "Crown Bolt clear can storage container, 2.75 x 8 inches." Crown Bolt is a manufacturer. There may be other companies making these items.


Sheer genius! And shear genius!


For those of us in the UK with no Home Depot:

I use a Glenfiddich tube - I got it on freecycle (I don't actually drink whiskey) and it's slightly triangular in shape - I can fit a trindle, a drop spindle and a Spindolyn in one with fibre. It's also long enough that it'll comfortably hold a Russian Support Spindle!

Deb Robson

Great idea. Freecycle is super as a resource!

My spindle package does, as I mentioned, fit into spaces within my luggage that I wouldnt think would accommodate a spindle kit. Ill be all packed and think theres no room for anything else and still be able to fit the tube in a corner. Did just that this very morning, yet again.

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