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September 14, 2010


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Fascinating, indeed!

I'm working on Shetland lace using different Shetland fleeces and I, too, find it difficult to cut the handspun. It will be useful in the long run - just have to get over the first fence, as it were.

Looking forward to further installments

Deborah Robson

Cathy, if I need to separate strands of my handspun, I break them. (Exceptions: wools like Greyface Dartmoor, which would break my fingers if I tried!) With hundreds of skeinlets to be wound, Sarah's fingers would have been shredded by halfway through the first day, though . . . and for the shots, the clean, short-clipped, scissored ends were less conspicuous.

I've got several installments planned. I hope to get them posted before I fly out for the next shoot--!

JC Briar

Sharpie on Tyvek—what a great idea! That could come in handy for felting experiments.

Deb Robson

Sharpie on Tyvek could, indeed, come in handy for felting. In the past, Ive used cut-up milk and juice cartons with holes punched in them for the ties. That works, too. Again, Sharpie for the writing.

Kristi aka FiberFool

I'm having a head->desk moment. Why did I never think to use tyvek to label swatches? I have a pretty decent store of it as my FIL gave me a ream of three-hole punched "lab paper" that is tyvek and I even have some parent sheets as I like using it as "bookcloth" on handmade journals that are going to get lots of wear.

Deb Robson

Lab paper! Perfect!! For these swatches, the Tyvek was salvaged from old mailing envelopes, another good source.

Kris Paige

Where could one find a sample-size niddy noddy? As usual, you've sparked a brain cell back into action....

Deb Robson

The ones I use arent made any more.Youre looking for one that makes a skein about 18-24 inches long (length of niddy between 4.5 and 6 inches). Here are some options:

very nice, pricier--the Forrester one on this page:http://www.geminifibres.com/product/spinning/accessories.htm

Deb Robson

Some good options here, too--another good shop to know about--the mini is the right size:

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