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September 13, 2010


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Oh, she's beautiful! Congratulations. Yay for rescued herders! I'm so glad you found such a wonderful pup who is already fitting in so nicely!


Lucky lucky people - and lucky pup!


Absolutely wonderful. Congratulations!

L.M. Cunningham

What a sweet pup she is! I love how she just flaked out in the crate. :-)

Lynn Hershberger

Awwww. She's sweet from the photos. Congrats to the whole family.

Janice in GA

Ah, fortunate Pebbles, to end up with y'all! What a beauty! Give her a big kiss from me (or virtual kiss, if you don't kiss dogs.) My dogs are used to getting big kisses right between the eyes.

Long life, good health, and happy times to you all!

Deborah Robson

Will deliver a kiss. Right between the eyes is a good spot.

New-pup has got her place in basic obedience reserved, with our favorite, long-time training facilitator: we begin classes in four weeks . . . although since we've trained at this place frequently and know the ropes, we can also attend drop-in sessions while we're waiting for class to start, if we decide we want to do that. We might.


Our Border Collie, Kipper, found us. He was living in a big field behind our house and followed my husband home when he went walking back there. He had a chip in him but it had never been registered. He was so wonderful that we decided we had to make him a part of our family and he agreed readily. That was about seven years ago and we have not regretted our decision for even a moment. He was well trained and I can't help but feel that someone has really missed him. It has been fun to discover a new trick that he knows that we are not aware of. We discovered just the other day that the word "girlfriend" means something to him because he begins making crying sounds and paces in circles!


It's a wonderful story! We've never had a rescue dog. All of ours have come to us as puppies (though Jilly was 8 months old). I've never been sure how I'd manage a rescue ... though, of course, since I'm now addicted to Boykin Spaniels that would be hard, anyway. There aren't THAT many of them around! (And besides, what would Chappy say?)

Anyway, welcome Pebbles! (No matter what her permanent name becomes. ) She sounds like she's going to fit right in.


What a beautiful dog!


I am not much of a dog person but she is lovely!


What a great story on the new addition to your family. Pebbles sounds so "Flintstones". Maybe it's a bit too masculine, but how about the name "Stoney"?

Have you read any of John Katz' books? Izzy and Lenore is about a hospice therapy dog. http://www.librarything.com/work/5838368/book/37297389
Great true dog story.

Diana Troldahl

She is so lovely :-}
How about Carlin, named for these?
(as a Pagan, I think being a witch is a good thing)

Deborah Robson

We think this pup ran away from a home somewhere. She understands basic obedience commands, and had already been spayed. If she'd been microchipped (she will be), she likely would have been returned to her former home. The good news is that she has survived to find a new home.

Pebbles *does* sound like the Flintstones. A major problem there. Stoney was one of our Aussie's sons! (She was not bred while we owned her: we were her retirement home.) Carlin is an interesting idea. . . .

I've read some of Jon Katz's books, but not the one about therapy dogs.


Ohh, congratulations!! She is so lovely! I am itching to reach through the screen and give her a cuddle.

For some reason, I thought of the name Penny when I saw her. (as in, lucky Penny) I am sure you'll come up with something great on your own. Mazel tov on your new family member. :)

Deborah Robson

Hi, Joanne--Penny would be a delightful name, except that there's already a Penny-pup in my daughter's extended family (one of her stepmom's dogs). And to reduce confusion, we're not going to double up on that. There's also a Peerie that I know of recently among knitter/spinner friends, or that would be an option, too!

Priscilla Weaver

Ohmygosh, Deb, Pebbles is the spitting image of Molly. Please do not change Pebbles' name. Who are we to decide a name is "wrong"? I hated my name for years and wanted to change it, but now I wear it lovingly and proudly. Doesn't Pebbles have enough to deal with without adding in an identity crisis? Have you figured out what her outside and inside tasks will be? Oh, excuse me, has she TOLD you what her main jobs will be? If you have a paper shredder, she may do as Molly does and sit quietly by as you type, then when she hears the stapler, she will know you have produced a "final" and she will move to the shredder, where the draft is about to be deposited, to be sure the shards of paper do not escape from the waste basket. Oh, what fun to have a new border collie! Do keep us posted on PEBBLES' progress, and congratulations from Priscilla and all the creatures at Saltmarsh Ranch Soay Sheep

Kristi aka FiberFool

Meeting her on Monday evening was a delight! She seems very sweet and I bet you are spot on about her being a good therapy dog!

Deb Robson

Im glad you got to see her in person. Fun to share a new member of the family with good friends. Any dog who is this calm (but not boring) at one year at least wants to be given the *option* of training for therapy work. When we took her on her first walk with us, she was completely placid around a little kid with a tricycle.


She looks lovely!

Deborah Robson

She's a delightful little dog, and Priscilla I'm not too concerned about changing a name she might be used to. I doubt that she's terribly familiar with "Pebbles" since as far as we know she's probably been called that for the most recent four weeks of about a year that she's been on the planet.

One of her main jobs is making sure I play tug with a silly little dog at least twice a day, preferably three times.

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