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September 09, 2010


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Oh the envy - the Scottish weather doesn't allow for such abundant basil growth and I do love pesto!

Deborah Robson

If I could send you some pesto, Jeni, I would! And it's really hard for me to share pesto because I'm so fond of it {grin}.


Do you freeze the pesto?

Deborah Robson

Yes, I freeze the pesto. Except what we're eating yesterday and today--! It is so lovely to have pesto in the freezer during the winter. These half-cup containers are about four servings' worth.

L.M. Cunningham

With luck, I'm going to buy a bunch of basil this weekend at our favourite farmers' market and do the same thing. :-)

When I freeze mine, I do it in ice cube trays, and when frozen, toss them into a bag for storage. It's easier to ration out that way: melts faster in the pasta too....

Of the two PBS stations we get on cable, one has never carried KD, and the other stopped after series 400. Boo hiss.

Too bad you don't have more time in Cleveland though: there's an artist who makes, spins, knits and weaves with Korean paper who's been at the Morgan Conservatory.

Susan J. Tweit

Congratulations on the photo-shoot progress, the date with Knitting Daily TV (wear simple clothes in colors that flatter you--no bright patterns or complicated cuts), and especially on the garden. I'm delighted to hear that our tomato and basil starts thrived so well for you!
(BTW, if you see the Denver Post, Zone 4 Magazine, which includes my new "The Whole Life" column, gets a lovely shout-out in Bill Husted's column on page B-3. It's excellent publicity.)

Deborah Robson

Linda, I always like the ice-cube idea, but around here that doesn't happen because it takes TWO steps (freeze, then transfer) instead of ONE (freeze). I know my limits {grin}.

Susan! Yes, the tomato and basil starts have been doing wonderfully. That pile of basil in the photo came from the ONE lemon basil plant. It loved us! And those dark tomatoes are my favorites. I haven't liked similar varieties from the store, but these are so sweet. . . .

That's great news about the Zone 4 publicity in the Denver Post. Zone 4 is a delight.

And thanks for the clothing tips. I have something in mind that I think will be okay. I'm also told it can be warm under the lights.


Wow, your garden is gorgeous! So glad to hear that you are busy with wonderful fibery stuff. It sounds productive, if very travel intensive. Enjoy the pesto...mine's already frozen and waiting patiently for winter.

Deb Robson

Joanne, the gardens small, but doing nicely this year. Last year we built the 3 beds, and then only had enough energy to plant 1.5 of them! Its lovely to see all of them looking green.

Productive. Yes. Travel-intensive. Very.

Wow, the photos for the book are beautiful! Blog posts in the future will show the process.

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