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August 17, 2010


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How have you and Annie -- and anyone else at UK Knit Camp -- found any time to blog!!! It's all I can do to post little reports on facebook. Just woke up at noon in Vilnius today. Getting settled in. But I should have lots of time for writing and knitting and blogging and everything here. It is a second home to me so I will settle into a cozy routine very soon. Almost wish I didn't have the trip to Geneva and Rome in the middle of my 2 months here, but how can I complain about something as wonderful as that! LOL. I am just about the luckiest person on the planet. (Knock on wood and waiting for shit to happen.)


Always good to hear about your rich fibery adventures! I just gave a talk about marketing your wool to some sheep producers at a festival, and would love to email with you about all the Shetland debates when you are back home. I've found some great new sources for wool here in Manitoba and I'm excited to share the conversation with a friend. :)

L.M. Cunningham

Ah, so jealous: would have loved to have stood off to one side to listen in on those conversations. (And taken copious notes, I'm sure.)

Love that wee lamb!


Ohhhh...I'd love to hear more about Shetland.

Deborah Robson

Donna, you'll note that I didn't blog AT Knit Camp. Only after it was over. And I've almost used my broadband allotment (even though it's "unlimited"). I won't be unable to use it, but my priority will drop back and the connection will slow down. That's just from checking e-mail and the like.

Joanne and Cathy, there are huge differences of opinion about Shetland wool. I'd already encountered that and gone through some of the options and I hope I've written up the results carefully and accurately enough for the book. If not, it won't be because I didn't try but because I couldn't spend six months on the one breed. . . .

Linda: you and a number of other readers of my blog (that I know about, including the other folks who have commented just now) would have LOVED to join the conversation between Lawrence Alderson, Sue Blacker (of Blacker Designs), June Hall (one of the instigators of the WoolFest here), and me. I was not, miraculously enough, dumbstruck in their company.


That sux about your broadband. Which carrier did you have? I had 3 in the UK and did not have any trouble with it.

Deborah Robson

It's weird about the broadband, and I think that the bandwidth-sucking activities have been photo transfers *and* the way my e-mail is managed. Normally you don't use up your bandwidth unless you're watching videos, which I haven't been. It's T-Mobile, and has been overall very satisfactory here. But now I only have unrestrained access between midnight and 4 p.m. I can live with that for the small remaining part of the trip.

Shelagh Smith

OMG! Was so surprised to see Oliver. My group met him on our tours in '98 & '00 (very small and intimate) to Shetland. He laughed when all the spinners stepped up and got their hands in the fleece, while the knitters stood back, rather appalled I think.

Deb Robson

Wow, how could anyone keep their hands OUT of that fleece???

Delighted to offer you a glimpse of Oliver! He and Liz presented one of the highlights of Knit Camp. And the room was PACKED.

Diana Troldahl

Thank you for introducing us to them, too :-}
I also enjoyed your posts on Stirling.
Armchair traveling is better than no traveling!

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