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July 08, 2010


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Wonderful story. And Lefse? I haven't made any since the '70's but mom still makes it for holidays. Brother makes garlic lefse, parmesan lefse. Far too flavorful to be properly authentic, but his crowd approves.

Susan J Tweit

Now that's a fence! I especially like the "theme" panels and the small details that casual passers by might not notice. Thanks for the story in photos and commentary. And welcome home--I hope the missing sample boxes have surfaced.

Richard Cabe

I think the fence is wonderful, and I loved the commentary on your response to the fence. I hope the fence's maker sees your posts. I'm reminded of the time I figured out that you can make pie filling with fresh fruit and fruit juice - ANY fresh fruit and ANY fruit juice. It may have started with strawberries and apple juice and moved on to apples and papaya nectar, but before I moved on to something else there was a long series exploring combinations never-before-imagined, unified by some common rules that have to be observed to make it function as a pie.

I also loved your story of sharing the walking about looking for places and things that have meaning in your memory. We talk about this exercise as 'dusting off the plaques,' imagining that there should be a brass plaque that says 'Deb Robeson habitually walked by this place and still carries impressions gathered ...' It sounds like you had a very fruitful time dusting off the plaques.

Thanks for the posts, and here's to UPS finding missing boxes.


Fiber art is everywhere: Love the fence quilt!

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