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June 13, 2010


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Happy for you the afghan is home where it belongs, finally. Looking forward to getting that book myself.


The afghan is my favorite project in the book. I have used BurlySpun before, it is a quality yarn which holds together well. Great colors, too! I am happy you have "your baby" back. (Agreed on stretching boundaries, too.)


The afghan is beautiful, and probably has a lot of stories to tell! I bet it's glad to be home, though. You know how afghans are--they tend to be home-bodies.

Deb Robson

The afghan continues to be delightful to sleep under. I have a trip coming up, and its by car and . . . even though afghans *are* homebodies (nice thought, that), I think its going with me.

Susan J Tweit

Congratulations to you and Donna on making yet another great project happen, even if it didn't end up being a Nomad Press book! And welcome home to your well-traveled afghan, just in time to take a road trip to the Midwest with you.

Diana Troldahl

Wonderful! You have also shown me some new info I can add to my labels when sending my things out :-}


Hurrah! Now you won't have to knit a second (interim) afghan after all.
Cuddle up and enjoy - you deserve a break.

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