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June 25, 2010


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L.M. Cunningham

I've been looking at a couple of residency opportunities in the eastern part of Nebraska: maybe I need to rethink that approach.... :-)

Word Lily

I've wanted to get out to the Brown Sheep factory and store for years now, but it always seems like a long ways away (or out of the way, etc.) Thanks for sharing your experience and your haul!


Thanks so much for giving us a vicarious trip! I've always wondered about their factory. I'm weaving these days with a big bag of their mill end rovings so it's nice to know the yarns are available too on occasion. :)


Oops, I meant the mill end/seconds yarns being available. Of course the regular yarns are available--I have plenty in my stash! (too tired to be posting, I think...)

Deb Robson

Brown Sheep is a bit remote (public transportation isnt anywhere near an option, and biking there is only for truly dedicated and in-shape cyclists). Which is part of how they can have their yarns be such good quality for reasonable prices--low overhead. The location also probably means they can have a top-notch crew working there, folks who value the place and appreciate the ability to work in a non-urban location.

Linda, Nebraska is a beautiful state, east or west, with unique landscapes. I drove across the sandhills going in both directions--I usually change routes for the return, but didnt this time because theyre lovely. Youd need a car to get to Brown Sheep no matter where you were in Nebraska! So pick your residency by where you want to be and make a day trip (or day-and-a-half) out of Brown Sheep. If youre in the east, you can check out the sandhills en route.

If anyone is ever in Valentine, Nebraska, and in need of a place to sleep (upper central part of the state), the Trade Winds Motel is great. Less expensive than the low-price chains and very, very nice. Simple, clean, large room with free wireless internet, fridge and microwave, better-than-average motel breakfast, and nice people running it. Its near the eastern intersection of highways 83 and 20 (there is a farther west intersection of the two highways as well).

Kris Paige

When you go back, I'm hitching a ride! I dearly love outlet/seconds/ offbeat/unique stuff, so I'm starting a cookie jar for my next indulgent trip....

Deb Robson

Kris, you could hitch a ride. Youd have a really good time at this particular location. Youd be set to knit for a grandkid for quite a while. GREAT colors, of course! A very wide range of them in the standard yarns. I realized when I got back that Id selected multiple skeins of single colors, but then I have a selection of single skeins at home for colorwork.

Lynne S of Oz

Oh, brings back memories! I did a day trip out there for my birthday three years ago. I drove on the Oregon Trail, I walked on it, I wandered around Scott's Bluff, I drove 10 miles past Brown Sheep, I bought enormous $13 skeins of Wildfoote that I doubt I'll ever manage to use up... LOL
(And thanks for the warning on Vivian - I'd be knitting the 38 most likely if I made it.)

Deborah Robson

Ooh, BIG skeins of Wildfoote? Sounds great.

On Vivian: I'll have the modifications for you. It's a great knit. It's just got a few sizing/pattern coordination issues. Getting it tech edited to all those sizes with all the bits in the right places would have been cost-prohibitive.

Betsy Mortinsen

Thanks for the post - I'll definitely call ahead for a tour too. Am hoping to make it this summer still.

Deb Robson

Its fun even without a tour, but Im looking forward to when I can see the plant as well as the shop--!

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