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June 26, 2010


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Susan J Tweit

"Vivian" looks like she is going to be beautiful, despite the need for more than one re-design on the fly! (You have more patience than I do for that, and of course your formidable skills and knowledge help too...) It's great to hear the news from reunion, and to imagine you reconnecting with interesting people and rediscovering a lively community. May the next trip be productive and go as well as possible!

Deb Robson

Thanks, Susan. Vivian is at home, and Im not; I have swatching materials for socks with me, and Priscilla Gibson-Roberts fundamental Simple Socks techniques in my brain. I *just* came through the concourse A walkway. I figured out on the way to the terminal that the terraphilia display you and Richard did was on the *other* side (the return path), and I figured that out at a time when walking all the way around and back was not an option. So Ill see it from close-up when I walk the other direction. Im impressed with the overall Colorado Art Ranch display, and I stopped and read your (lovely) summation of the water artposium in the first case. Wish I could have been part of that, but . . . I was buried in wool. . . .


I just got Tamim's book from the library. Looking forward to it.

I admire your determination to finish the sweater. I'd have given up long ago! :}

Deb Robson

Laura, I hope and trust you will like the book! I listened to it in audio form from the library, and then bought a signed copy for my daughter.

Im taking a break from the sweater, although I did wish I had it to wear on the plane today.

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