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June 03, 2010


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No Kindle version :-(

Deb Robson

Bummer. Im actually not surprised that its not on Kindle--they have not been able to handle Nomads most heavily illustrated books on that platform. Kindle works by far best with straight text.

Secret Science Alliance would be perfect on the iPad, though!


I've read two graphic novels so far and both were morbid and depressing. One of the titles was Stitch. Can't recall the other (and am too lazy to look it up). This one looks like a different genre.

Thought you might enjoy this Icelandic post: http://icelandeyes.blogspot.com/2010/06/sheep.html

Deb Robson

Valerie, this is completely different from what youve read before. I laughed a lot.

Youre right, I love that Icelandic post! Thanks.


Glad you're having time for an occasional refuel. I love a good graphic novel! They can be so quick & engaging, with plenty to be absorbed by if you have the time...


This looks like a fun diversion. I'm always looking for things that are easy to relax with but that don't annoy me (by being poorly written, etc., etc.) and can get frustrated. There isn't enough time for everything and I don't want to waste it with junk... unrealistic, but there.

Deb Robson

Kit, once we return it {grin}, our library has a copy. Meg, yours likely does, too.

Very worth looking up. Because of whats happening in the images, its not a page-turner . . . each page rewards some study . . . but its the sort of book I put down the first evening because I didnt want to finish it so soon!

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