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May 10, 2010


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So sorry about the sweater. Funny, I adore mindless knitting for stress relief, particularly when in a group of people chatting. We're all different.

I often like Cokie Roberts. She is really going to wish she had not said that. Just wait until Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (Yarn Harlot)'s "The Knitters" hear about this.

L.M. Cunningham

Well, fudge: all that knitting (and fixing mangled cables) to find "issues" with the joining. I hate it when that happens.

Definitely sounds like time to cast on another hat....

Deborah Robson

I usually like Cokie Roberts' observations a LOT. My analysis is that the only knitting she's ever done must be stockinette and/or garter-stitch scarves. Assuming Stephanie gets wind of this particular comment (and I suspect she will), I look forward to hearing what comes of it. . . .

Wonder what yarn I've got around here that would produce a nice hat? Lots. The question is deciding and matching yarn to pattern.

Susan J Tweit

Just sitting around knitting, eh? Maybe you should send her the sweater! Congrats on helping the mss you were editing along--it's the same kind of problem-solving that'll lead you to figure out how to handle the sweater design issues, I expect.

Deb Robson

Yes, Susan, the problem-solving techniques required for the sweater are mighty similar to those required for sorting out a manuscript. Which means its the same brain-set in action. Im wandering around my mental warehouse (of book and magazine memories) and the web now looking for something easy but not mindless to knit.


I hate it when a project that's supposed to be relaxing and just engaging enough turns into a serious problem. It's hard not to put it away forever at that point. I had a quilt that I had started to machine quilt and got about 1/3rd of the way through before I realized my design wasn't working. I put it away for several years before I could face picking out all those stitches and starting again. On the other hand, I listened to a book on tape as I picked, and was able to do it painlessly by the time I was ready to face it.


Countless times I heard that comment when I ran (and worked in construction) a construction company, when I trained and competed horses, when I farmed, when I camped/fished etc ... too many people were surprised to see a die-hard "outsidey" on her break knitting or crocheting or spinning.

So it's not just Cokie.

Good luck with the mindless knitting.

I have a goldfinch singing outside my window right now - I guess it's just sitting around singing and not doing anything. :-)

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