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May 07, 2010


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Wow, I know where to send my sweaters to emergency help now! Wish we lived closer ;-)

Deb Robson

Ive sat at conferences and fixed peoples knitting. Maybe I should do a post on fixing a cable set. Im gonna have to go back about a dozen or more rows on that puppy. Trick will be getting pictures at the right angles.


Ummm....are you referring to my silly scarf? Dang, I know better know-should have just ripped that thing out!

Deb Robson

Actually, Dina, no. . . . Ive done a lot of knitting-fixing over the years.Although your silly scarf was one of the more challenging bits! Im glad youve matured as a knitter. The stitch pattern was simple enough, but drop stitches in a highly irregular novelty yarn . . . not the easiest thing to untangle. Its a wonder youre still knitting. Im glad you made it through that one.

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