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May 06, 2010


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Susan J Tweit

Lovely hats! (I like the models, too) Could be this book is just what I need to get my knitting again...


These are so flattering! Thanks for writing about this...I am a hat lover (just bought another at MD S&W on my family trip last week) and have an endless number of them here. Even so, these patterns look very appealing. I'm just sorry I couldn't join Woolly's blog tour myself--I knew my time would be too busy given our crazy trip and the next few months are likely to be challenging around here. Fun, but crazy. In the meanwhile, I'm just going to enjoy looking at you in those lovely hats!

Lynne S of Oz

Woolly Wormhead has some amazing designs on her web page. I first noticed her work about four years ago cos there are some really whacky hats that I love (but would I wear? Mebbe not). Looks like she's created some more conservative designs for the book?

Deb Robson

Susan, these knitting projects are both quite finite and interesting to do. I think you might enjoy a little knitting!

Lynne, yes, there are a number of more conservative hats in this collection. And having knitted a couple, I would also be more likely to try a couple of her quirkier designs . . . I might be surprised at liking them myself, or I can think of younger relatives who would love them.

So glad to be reading about your travels, Joanne, and I think you are *definitely* a hat person if you bought one at this years reportedly incredibly not Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!

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