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April 04, 2010


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Diana Troldahl

As always, fascinating. The Project will be a treasure.


I can't wait to see this resource when it becomes available. And I'm in awe.....what you have shared through your posts is only the tip of the iceberg, I'm sure!

Deborah Robson

The Musk Ox Farm has a page on Facebook (thanks, Erica!). Here's an update from there:
"Thank you friends and family and musk ox lovers for helping us meet our emergency fundraising goal! You are incredible! The board of directors convenes on Friday, and we will keep you posted as to our next steps in stabilizing. Our major private fundraising goal for this year is $350k, for which I expect we will be launching a major capital campaign shortly, so if you haven't donated yet and would like to please know that you are helping us chip away at the next big hurdle."

Deborah Robson

Diana and Valerie, thanks for your comments! What I'm sharing on the blog is not even the tip of the iceberg--it's more like a few snowflakes (like the ones that fell this morning here). I hope this is a treasure! There's so much more I want to do . . . but then the job would never end {wry grin}.


Happy Easter! It's great to see the this long sorting & discovery process moving to the stage of materializing in visual images! So much to see!

Susan J Tweit

It sounds like what you're doing is information design, as in which information is more important to present in the photos and how can we best reveal it. Fun stuff! I hope your editor and the art director realize how lucky they are to be working with you....


I have learned so much about fiber since I began following your blog. Thank you so much for sharing all of the information and photos that you have. I, too, cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of The Project when it is ready! Keep up the good work.

Deb Robson

Susan, I really dig information design. The interesting part about this project is striving to do what I do well in a manner that stays out of the way of other people doing what they do well, while working long-distance (rather than face-to-face) with people I havent worked with before. We all seem to be doing okay with it, though.

Julianna, your comment warms my heart. I always feel like I'm learning about fibers: I'm glad to hear that I know enough to be able to share and be helpful!

Lindy Barnes

Hi Deb,

I love Susan's term "information design". She has such an amazing way with "word design".

I have often read about quivit and have read about the Musk Ox farm in AK but have never bought any yarn. In part because of the cost of this exquisite fibeer and also because I don't consider myself a good enough knitter to warrant such lovely and expensive fiber. However, thanks to your post I am going to donate some money to the farm and purchase some of that marvelous fiber.


I am so excited about The Project, I cannot wait to see it, and to order the book. I can already feel that it is a labour of love and effort that needs to come to my house and live with me.

Susan Gallacher-Turner

What beautiful fibers here...I love to crochet with kid mohair. It's so soft, and even though it's so feather light and fine, it is one of the warmest yarns, I've used.

Thanks for all the great information!

Kris Paige

So, where do we go to pre-order the book, so we are assured of not being trampled in the inevitable stampede when it's finally available??

Meg Caulmare

Good morning, Deb,

I was just reading through back posts, because I'm meditating on something and I wanted to instill your careful thought process in my brain, in hopes my current meditation would follow it. It won't, probably, but it's morning to I have hope. Anyway, I read back to the Trading Up To Ireland post and the yarn to swapped and I recognized it from a back issue of Spin Off! That rosey/gray/black/white Ashland Bay merino was featured in an article by Rita, I think, about how spinning affects color. Funny how one can remember a specific piece of yarn.

Maybe there IS hope for the mental processes!

Have a great day,


Deborah Robson

Kris, there's no price or page count so far, so pre-orders aren't an option yet. I thought this was going to be a fall 2010 release; the latest information I have has the publication scheduled for 4/15/2011, which is at least in time for the start of next year's festival season.

And Meg, you have a better memory than I do about Spin-Off! I knew we'd shot photos of the yarn, but I couldn't remember why. . . .

So glad to have given you an excuse to discover qiviut, Lindy. There's no such thing as "not a good enough knitter" to experience these lovely fibers.

Hiroko and Susan and Kris and all, thanks so much for your enthusiasm. Every book goes through times when it feels like a mountain that's so high you'll never reach the top. Fortunately, I know that! We're in one of those times. And on we go. . . .


You are fantastic and I can't wait for you to come here in November...I'd better nail down a new date.

Deb Robson

Get your exciting trip settled, Beth, and well think about another time for me to teach at your shop.

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