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April 21, 2010


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Now there is a book I shall pre-order! Have admired Dorothy Reade since discovering BW's Treasury in 1979. Thanks for the heads-up, Deborah. Shelagh in Vermont.

Deborah Robson

Delighted to help, Shelagh! As I recall, I discovered Dorothy Reade when I was editing Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot. I didn't connect her with Barbara Walker's work until much later.


Gorgeous afghan! I love the color. And I do recognize the afghan that inspired it.
It's probably best that you haven't planted yet, what with all the thunder & rain coming down your way... seeds might just wash away.
Have a great day!


Sorry, I LOVE squirrels! Try planting a smal garden just for them, and put peanuts in shells in there for them too. They will love it, you will be left alone, and nature will continue on!

Deb Robson

Joni, I love squirrels, too. I think they are fascinating creatures, interesting to watch. I like your idea about the separate garden, although we have enough squirrels that they would probably just use that as an appetizer and launch into our garden as the main course. . . . They have PLENTY of peanuts in shells from our neighbor next door. All the time. Youd think that would be enough. . . .

Deb Robson

Yes, the same afghan! Were still getting rain. Tornado watch until 8 tonight. Winter storm warning in the foothills, with the possibility of 6 - 12 inches of snow.

Kim Gibson

We are currently having a battle with a particularly brazen squirrel who feels that she would rather not wait for us to hand out the peanuts, thank you, but will just eat her way into the house and help herself! We have replaced screens, applied Bitter Yuck (tastes awful, doesn't harm mouth tissues) and then replaced screens with metal screens and reapplied Bitter Yuck. Holding So far! Sigh. All the other squirrels are well mannered, it is only the one (known as TBS, or That Brazen Squirrel) who is causing the problem. Bad girl.

Deb Robson

Thats scary. Ill have to remember Bitter Yuck . . . although were planning on mixing up some hot pepper broth and testing it out. Our dogs have, so far, managed to enjoy the Tabasco we put on things to deter them. . . .


Squirrels are much more clever than they should be, given the size of their brains. Good luck!

Kris Paige

Okay, so this summer, I knit an afghan to do homework under next winter...after I get the one I promised Jennie two years ago done, right?

There is a product called HotPepperWax that will deter squirrels. One son suggested puree' of ghost chili peppers...

Then again, Deb, I wonder what Brazen I or II would think of my normal repellent from the camelid family?

Deb Robson

The bulky afghan is a delight to knit. It *is* bulky, but there arent many stitches to the inch, so it goes quickly! You would love to have one next winter.

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