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March 19, 2010


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Diana Troldahl

wow! That is stunning :-}
My very first cable was the Happiness cable too.




Beautiful work.


Um, overachiever much? Like mother like daughter! Most people have scarves as their first knit projects but your daughter knits and completes a sweater. Awesome.


Great job.

Janice in GA

Ah, well done!

Deb Robson

My daughter is greatly appreciating all the comments!


Yea, Bekah! Gorgeous sweater. Sure beats my one and only!

Deborah Robson

Meg, the yarn you used limited your potential. All the rage at the time, and not bad stuff overall, but. . . . It was the medium-light blue, with, as I recall, very small amounts of black and white fiber blended in. http://ow.ly/1oQsO


Uhm....first sweater made from first design project: I am impressed!

Love the color too!

Kris Paige

HURRAY, Bekah! What's on the needles now? Socks to match? After that Celtic knot, turning a heel will be easy!


WOW! Gorgeous! I'm jealous...and impressed. The best part is how good Bekah looks in that sweater. It's one thing to knit a sweater. Another to design...and a third thing to choose something that looks great on the person who will wear it. Beautiful.

L.M. Cunningham

I'm in awe -- a sweater certainly wasn't my first project.....

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