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March 17, 2010


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Meg Caulmare

Good morning, Deb. I'm so glad you found and shared this lovely pattern. As I read your entry, I kept thinking "she needs a cabled project". Cables are terrific because they're repetitive, but still fascinating in their winding nature. You can choose simple or complex, or a combo; fine yarns can make for lucious drape, or chunkier ones provide delicious heft. I'm not sure how I missed "Vivian", because I read Twist Collective thoroughly, but am glad to have it brought to our attention.

The same with your Project. I'm glad Clara Parkes mentioned it in her new(ish) Wool book, so I can keep it on my radar and get copies as soon as it's available.

I looked at that yarn store's web site, and I'll bet the yarn you would've chosen first, but for economic considerations, was the Elsa Wool Company yarn. You don't have to say, I just thought so.

Good luck, and good mental and physical health. I think of you often, with hopes you remain fascinated by the wonderful and important work you do.

Meg C

L.M. Cunningham

I couldn't help laughing out loud as I read this: sitting, as I am right now, in the middle of the debris that is our old apartment, and looking over at the one small bag next to the couch that hasn't moved.

It contains what's left of a giant ball of Bernat Handicrafter, which I'm turning into a new set of dishcloths for the new home. Three down, seven to go, and I can definitely tell the days I don't get a chance to pick it up and knit a little something.

That being said, all the fibre now in my new studio tempts me to just sit there!

Of course, right now, I've got a small editing job that I need to get out before our web connection gets cut (Saturday morning): we use a small local provider, and they can't simply transfer it over with our phone then.

Hmm. I'm taking this morning off to go to a meeting though -- think I might take the bag with me....


Can I ever relate to *needing* to have a knitting project! I think you'll enjoy the Lanaloft (I keep wanting to call it Lanasoft) - I loved knitting with it!

Susan J Tweit

Lovely, Deb! Both the post and the knitting project to help restore sanity and calm.... I can see that sweater on you, and I love the color and "hand" of the yarn too.

Kris Paige

Leave it to you to consider that combination of stitches calming, but then you have a true knitter's mind. Now if only I could knit my anatomy project... SO glad you found the yarn you needed!


I am with Kris, no way I could do that without every brain cell focused on the pattern. Just the same, I know what it's like to need a project, and one where another designer decided what I must do.

I'm knitting a simple "boyfriend sweater" from Vermont Fiber Designs' Seeded Rib V-Neck Pullover pattern. I can do this work in public, chatting with friends, and the only change I made was to knit the hips at one size and the shoulders/sleeves at another size.

So nice to have a project which requires almost no thinking, just glancing down.

You are amazing at sticking with a project this huge. I am not a big project person as a rule. At least this project is both computer and hands-on.

Can't wait to see you breathe relief with the end of the project. Hope you have plans for what you'll do with that adrenaline letdown which is inevitable.


I can totally relate to needing balance between a writing project and a knitting/creative project. I've been trying to achieve more balance in my life, but find it hard not to go overboard in some area. I have learned that my mental health does require creation that is concrete, hands-on.

Looks like it will be a gorgeous sweater. I keep thinking about trying cables but have yet to do so.


I have long admired that sweater--and, like you, have been struggling to find balance. I hear you, and hope you will meet your goals with joy and peace and everything will turn out well! In the meanwhile, I can mention that I wove 24" of a rug on Sunday...but am struggling with two unsatisfying knitting projects. I almost started a pair of socks (2nd pair of socks, third project) yesterday just to calm myself down. I resisted, but only just...

Deb Robson

Meg, you are very perceptive. Why am I not surprised? It continues to be a
lovely pattern. Im minding it row by row, but just with a dot to mark
progress so I dont have to use any extra brain cells at all. Under normal
circumstances, Id have the pattern memorized in a trice, but these arent
normal circumstances.

Bingo on the alternate yarn. Woolen-spun Elsa, worsted weight, in one of
the darker naturals. It would have been lovely. Maybe next time. Right
now, this is fine yarn that is a cheerful color.

Deb Robson

I keep thinking of this yarn as Lanasoft, too, Joy! Thats just funny.
Glad to hear you enjoyed knitting with it. Im about two-thirds of the way
through a sleeve and its continuing to be a friendly yarn. I like the
fabric, and I suspect I will like it even better when its finished and
washed and relaxes.

Deb Robson

Cables are fun, Kit. We can coach you through them when you want to
experiment. My daughter JUST finished her first knitting project (she
promises shell let me take a picture soon). It has cables. You can do
cables just fine.

Deb Robson

Hi, Susan: Theres some possibility that you may get to see the sleeve and
feel the yarns hand in person, assuming the timing works out. Were
planning on making the attempt. There are cranes here, too, although I
havent seen them . . . just heard about them.

Deb Robson

Fresh dishcloths for a fresh home sounds like a great idea, Linda. Wonder
if I can get the effect of a fresh home by knitting dishcloths? I think
Ill wait until after The Project to even contemplate that.

Deb Robson

Im glad youre playing with your new loom, Joanne! Especially if your
knitting is being balky. Its a great sweater. Its very different from,
but in wearability reminds me of, the wonderful O-Wool sweater in your
Knit Green book. I considered O-Wool and that sweater for this project,
but they will be for another day of less desperation {wry grin}.

Deb Robson

Kris, I hope you got your anatomy coloring book!

Oh, by the way, there are people knitting anatomical objects (like
hearts). However, I think you would have more fun knitting something else.

Deb Robson

Your project looks great, Lynn. If the sweaters for you, Ill bet its
not in a boyfriend color, though!

I like to knit designs by people who have interesting ways of approaching
knitting. Its like seeing the craft through their eyes. Thats the case
with this design.

What will I do when this is over? Well, it will be a while. I need to
finish the samples, and theres a week to a week and a half of photography
to be done. And reviewing the edited manuscript. So Im not thinking that
far ahead yet.

Diana Troldahl

All things, even The Project will have an end of sorts.
You are doing the important things, breathing, eating, sleeping, knitting and exercise. It will happen, and it will be fantastic, and it will be wonderfully done. And wonderful that it is done, too.

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