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March 08, 2010


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Susan J Tweit

Yikes! What a story. I'm glad that your driving and the Subaru's AWD kept you on the road and going in the right direction. (That's why we love our Subarus....)

The photos of the yak yarn are gorgeous--what beautiful stuff!

But the best is your comment about only needing to see the road where you are at any moment. That's a powerful realization, and one it's tough to hold onto. But you've got yoga breathing and a Subaru, so you'll be fine.

L.M. Cunningham

Love the yak!

You're the second creative professional (or professional creative!) person I know who swears by her Subaru. Think I'll definitely put them on the list for when we upgrade our vehicle.

(That being said, with having to up-sticks shortly, having a large pick-up with a cap will come in pretty darned handy too....)

Deb Robson

My daughter drives my old Ford Explorer, which is the one that can carry the whole Glimakra loom. Handy. Although its truly amazing what I can get into the Subaru.

Deb Robson

Susan, Im finding international disagreements on the topics Im writing about that I need to sort through and summarize before I can even start these additional bits of writing. Keeping my eye on the road in front of me is the only way Im not ending up stuck in a ditch!


As I was reading your description of the driving conditions, I was thinking I wouldn't want to be driving anything else either. I still think my Outback is the best thing I've ever driven. Glad you made it OK!


As I was reading your post--and yes, I've also had those kind of scary driving moments... and thanked my car later--I thought "you just got to keep on keepin' on." A silly cliche, but that, deep breathing and a few others (don't let the turkeys get you down) are very comforting in a crisis. You are going to do a stellar job on this project, and your hard work and steadfast consistency will shine. I know it!

Deb Robson

Thanks for your faith, Joanne. And your locks of fiber! Im keepin on keepin on. The good news is that Im learning TONS. Really fast {grin}. About things Ive been studying already for decades.

Deb Robson

Joy, I worked hard on selecting a car when I needed to replace my old one--which I would happily have driven forever. You never know until you are using the results of your decision in everyday life (which can include staying on the road under adverse conditions). The Outback definitely was the right choice.


OMG, living in the woods in Vermont I relate to that drive! However, my Caravan saw me safely home thru an hour-long ride in a white-out last month (should have been 20 mins!)from a day of spinning with friends. Visibility about 6ft, couldn't see either shoulder for the quick foot of snow. Some stop signs were just ignored! 4x4 fishtailing in front of me up the last hill the icing on the cake. Trusty Caravan kept moving, slowly, and when we reached our driveway the snow stopped...and now it is Mud Season.

Deb Robson

Good for your Caravan! I had to leave my truck by the side of the road three times when I lived in Massachusetts: once in snow season, once in ice season, once in mud season. Very glad you got home safely.

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