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March 20, 2010


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Oh! Precious time. I love it when Priscilla smiles like that. She positively glows with passion at times.

Love her unmatched socks, too. And I wish I could see Linda's monedero. You know how I adore Andean knitting. I haven't made a monedero yet, it's on the long list.

It's snowing here today, too. Yesterday it was in the upper 60's F Go figure. At least the calendar says we're in spring now.

Deborah Robson

We had 60s on Tuesday, and high 50s on Wednesday driving over. This being Colorado, on the drive back on Thursday the temps ranged between high 30s and low 60s.

Linda hadn't brought the contrasting color, so a photo of her very dark alpaca knitted very fine wouldn't have shown much.

Carol Leonard

What lovely photographs of Priscilla! Good to have news of her.

And a photo of her Mongold spindles - it was falling in love with one of those during a SOAR Retreat class with her that started my love affair with spindles and spindling.....


Anna McCarthy

Priscilla G-R- Oh rapture, rapture! Never enough Priscilla. I have progressed to the un matched sock situation- being forced to do one at a time, I decided why should they have to match except in gauge? Much more amusing.


Great pics. I will look forward to the article in Interweave.

Subaru - saved my toosh a few times so I know what you mean. :)

My next pair of socks will be unmatched :-D

Lindy - just back from a beautiful week in northern MI to the now hot Sonoran Desert.

Deb Robson

I wondered who would pick up on the spindles when I put that photo in--! No more Mongold spindles being made, alas. Forresters, yes!


Thanks for sharing this, you made my day.


Sounds like a fantastic trip and I wish i could have been a cat on a chair in that room:-)

Kris Paige

Oh, frabjous joy--a Priss smile! I can hear her laugh, just from seeing the picture. Although the drive was long, what a glorious treat--time with Priss and Linda! I agree--wish I could have been a cat in that room! Thank all of you so much for preserving for others the joy of knitting/fiber/spinning/creation.


I just finished teaching an intro to spinning (spindling) class. I pointed out why students should buy Priscilla's book and I'm so thrilled to see these happy sunny photos of her on your blog! What a wonderful treat. I look forward to hearing what comes of all that tape and talk!

L.M. Cunningham

Wow -- you've been having way more fun than I have been having with trying to move.

At least we haven't had crummy weather, although there's a forecast of wet nasty blowing snow for tomorrow. A good day to sit and sort through the mounds of junk at the old place....


We call those Fraternal Socks! I make many a spindle spun pair. My Forrester is my No.1 spindle; followed by a unique Hatchtown; a Bosworth (for worsted wgt); and another 18 or so.....

Happy to see Priscilla looking well. Have her back problems been resolved?

Deborah Robson

Priscilla's medical challenges are not of the sort that can be completely resolved; the good news is that she's spinning and knitting. There used to be a big loom where the rocking chair is, but that's been passed along to a family member who also loves it.


What a delightful report on Priscilla. Thank you, Deb. I very much look forward to seeing her on video. I had the happy/sad privilege of being in her last ever SOAR retreat session several years ago.

And of course we picked up on the Mongolds! ;)

Deb Robson

So glad you were in Priscillas retreat session, Marcy! I was in the background, making sure the necessary equipment and supplies were available, but didnt have the opportunity to actually be in one of her classes.

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