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January 11, 2010


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Susan J. Tweit

May it be a fruitful week, for the project and for you!

Deb Robson

Thanks! This morning I found an inspiring quote from your Walking Nature Home taped to the upstairs bannister!

Susan J. Tweit

Cool! What a lovely coincidence....

Two more radiation treatments left for Richard. I'm starting to get excited about the possibility of moving home again.

Deborah Robson

Home for you! Sending lovely that-way-wafting thoughts! (The quote on the bannister is from p. 107, and some of the words in it are "truest and most compelling writing").



I have some samples of a European sheep breed you might be interested in :) Please contact me :)



Hope it's a productive & pleasant week!


May your time be easy and productive!
(You do realize that when this project is done, you'll have no idea how to pack a car for a trip?)

Deb Robson

Thanks. After this project is done, I will automatically continue to start packing the car (no matter the destination) with twelve boxes of fiber, fitted neatly in a specific spot in the back that leaves room fore and aft for the other tools. . . .


The quote I posted on the post (it's really a post, and supports most of the roof) was this:

"Our truest and most compelling writing comes from deep within, from conscious or unconscious knowledge that is innately part of who we are." (Susan Tweit, Walking Nature Home, p.107)

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