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December 19, 2009


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Susan J Tweit

Did I say you are amazing? It makes my eyes cross just to read this--what a project! And what a wonderful book you and Carol are making. Can't wait to hold it in my hands....

Anna McCarthy

Ay, life in the wool padded cell!!! I have gotten way better and now include the year of an acquisition and detailed percentages, but this is really too much. More power to you. Keep on keeping on.

Deb Robson

Thanks, Anna. Keeping on keeping on is what its about. Fortunately, I enjoy each piece of the work. And I do my best not to think about the whole thing all at once!

Deb Robson

Susan, I appreciate your encouragement. My eyes are crossing right now, but thats because its time to quit for the day. I spun six samples today. Id hoped for more, but theres tomorrow. . . . I, too, cant wait to hold the book. Guess Id better get it written!

Diana Troldahl

I LOVE organizing tips.
I have a similar (more protean) system for my WIPs of fiction. They are currently languishing, but are starting to rattle their cages a bit. I usually write most in Springtime.
Ideas take up a lot less space than wool, but aren't quite as much fun to play with :-}


Just found your blog. Very interesting, your wool project.
Have you tried ouessant wool yet?

Deb Robson

Yes, I have already spun the Ouessant samples. Part of the amazing variety of sheep, those tiny creatures!

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