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Deb Robson and Tussah

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November 09, 2009


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This made me tear up. :) What a joyful girl! It's so great that there are options to help our best friends as they get older!

Janice in GA

That last happy dog picture has to make it all worthwhile.

My Bouncer is 13, mostly deaf, but still getting around reasonably well in spite of bad hips.


yay! She seems to have figured out what her silly humans were up to :)

Deborah Robson

She was certainly initially dubious about the contraption. . . . However, she's very good at humoring us.


Oh Deb, how super! Ari looks like she's having an absolute blast!


How wonderful for you both! Ari is lucky to have her person try so hard to find a solution. (This makes me remember a friends dog - her parents just didn't try that hard to find the dog help. Not a happy ending as you can imagine.)

She sure looks happy in that last picture. Hurray!


Oh this is marvelous!
I will be forwarding your blog post to my parents, who have two glorious but aging dogs.

Deb Robson

Terrific. . . . We learned a lot. Im happy to share whatever I know.

Deb Robson

Were trusting our guts a lot on the decisions here. And doing research. And then taking a few gambles. We ordered this sight-unseen (after the research).


I'll share this with a friend with a collie... such a splendid idea!

And, of course, I love the info on the rare sheep. Thank you.


I have known a few dogs with wheels. How wonderful that Ariel can be less dependent on you, and not need to be left at home when it's walk time for Tussah.

Ellen Bloomfield

OH MY GOSH! Patches never got to the point where a set of wheels would have helped her. But I have 3 10+ yo shelties who would not be happy not being able to get around. I'll seriously consider a set if one of them needs it.

Deb Robson

Yes, this blew my mind. I feel fortunate that (1) Ariel has no major health problems other than the arthritis and (2) we are plugged into the right networks to know about these tools and to help us get this in place! Ive still never seen another dog using a set of wheels, *but* I have talked with people in town who have used them and know one of the dogs who is using a set (we used to do obedience training with him, years ago).

Deb Robson

Tussah would prefer to be left at home when its walk time for Ariel {grin}. Actually, Tussah has learned to like walks, maybe even look forward to them. And she takes an extra, faster walk with my daughter every day. But she would be okay with staying home. Ariel would NOT.

Diana Troldahl

I love the picture of Ari running you put at the end. What joy!

Deb Robson

We made some more adjustments today and took her for a short hike by the river: pretty rugged terrain, and she was ecstatic.


Hurray! I love a big doggie smile like that. :) Good for you-your love and devotion to her health and wellbeing shines through those photos!

And--I can again see all the posts now--wow, they add a lot to blog commenting...

Deb Robson

Im glad we got the comments back, Joanne! We had to disable the system that was previously in place. Apparently a better commenting system is about to be rolled out, which is causing some of the flakiness.


I'm going to file the information for future referrence. Both our dogs are rescues - Daisy Mae was found by my husband shortly after being hit by a car. She had a broken pelvis - Doug took her to our vet. We adopted her and she has now been with us almost 4 years. As she ages her hips bother her and we know she will have more and more trouble. We do not want to put her on any meds.if we can help it. These wheels just might be the perfect thing for her.

Thanks so much for sharing. That pic. of Ari smiling with her new wheels makes all the effort worth it - you know she is happy again.

Lindy in AZ

Deb Robson

Lindy, both of our dogs are rescues, too. Ariel was found half-frozen, with two male siblings, in a hole in a field in December. Best guess (pretty good at that age) was 7 weeks, so weve had her since she was little (unusual for us: if Im remembering right, Ive only had two puppies in my adult life). Tussah was five or six when she came to us, and we are her third home that we know about.

Ariel is also on some maintenance meds that have worked well so for. We monitor carefully.

I also had a cat who was hit by a car and only had one undamaged leg afterward--it was in front; one had to be removed completely (the other front one); one rear leg was missing a foot, and the other, which had been dislocated, was always kind of skinny. He was able to get around amazingly well for the 13.5 years he lived beyond the accident. He was a WONDERFUL! ! ! cat. He had a lot of names, but the one he used most was Wow.

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