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October 10, 2009


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That fluff looks so peaceful and calming. I'm not at all into unwashed fleece, but you make me consider spinning again. The wheel has not been out in maybe a year. I do it when everything else is handled, which is nearly never. Sigh.

I have some needlefelting to do for a class, though. Maybe I can do it with a bit of fluff as well as the yarns I usually use.


Finally, finally I have some more Castlemilk Moorit on its way to me! Seeing your photo brought it all back ~ I love, love this breed's fiber, and it's been hard to find since my first discovery nearly 7 years ago (that farmer sold his flock, unfortunately). I'm so excited; I can't wait for it to arrive!

L.M. Cunningham

That Castlemilk Moorit is gorgeous: now that I've got the latest book delivered over to the gallery, I actually have some blocks of time to spin.

The four-ounce braid of custom-dyed merino/bamboo roving that I was awarded for being a moderator during the Tour de Fleece this year is beckoning....

It's the perfect stuff to spin on next week, and perhaps start working on the pair of socks it will become.

Diana Troldahl

One of the best things about knitting for me is the possibility of getting to know a sheep. :-}
Our landlord when I was growing up was a sheep-farmer here in Michigan. I grew up hanging out with the sheep in the fields next door. I think that's why I love wool so much.
It is great to see some of these old breeds making a comeback!

Ellen Bloomfield

Deb, either check Ravelry PM's or email me. It's related to potentially some wool from a rare US breed.

Deb Robson

Lynn, I think you don't need anything else on your plate right now . . . but when you have the opportunity to add spinning back in, in a way that is not stressful, I think you'd find it a delightful centering time, even for a few minutes.

Deb Robson

So glad you have some Castlemilk Moorit on the way! Yes, hard to find once a flock connection has vanished. That's the problem with these rare ones. We need more flocks. . . .

Deb Robson

I like to know the sheep, too. Hanging out with the Soays in August was a treat: I got to wake up in the morning, look out the window, and see them (along with my new buddy, Isaac, the guardian dog).

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