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October 25, 2009


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Doug Berch

Though work in different mediums it is amazing how your workspace reminds me of my workspace! I often feel buried in a cacophony of wood, tools, parts, boxes, raw materials, etc.

I have to admit that I find a certain comfort in this not unlike a ratty old shirt I'll wear till it falls apart.

At the same time, it feels awkward when someone wants to visit my shop. I feel like they are entering my private, somewhat embarrassing world.

I'm happy to hear you are getting some "clear the pallet" moments!


I think the technical term for when things start falling on you is "immersion in your work."


Congrats on the missing wall and its benefits. I am not as courageous as you. I do not take photos of my workspaces. Ugh.

My work results in beautiful things, but I do not always have beauty outside me. Luckily this house has a lot of windows on the main floor.

The basement where I dye yarn has tiny windows that are useless but I have three huge true-color fluorescent fixtures to make up for it. In the cement/wood beam basement where only spiders think it's lovely.


Oddly, moving has helped me realize that not everything I thought was "absolutely necessary" before actually is. I've made do with much less stuff since moving, and there are a lot of boxes I still have to go through or cut open! It's been an important exercise in reducing stuff in my office.

I admire your renovation--it probably made your office a whole lot more useful!

Kristi aka FIber Fool

Organization is something I excel at in some areas and completely fail at in other areas - go figure! I need some motivation to make my studio a place I could actually work in perhaps this will help :-)

Any tips for obtaining some residencies? I have a new long-term project that would likely greatly benefit from a few such things.

Deb Robson

I've been replying to comments in a way that used to work (through my e-mail), but nothing is getting posted here.

Doug, thanks for the ratty old shirt analogy--in general, the workspace is pretty good, although the wall of shelves I lost is showing up in clutter elsewhere that I don't have time to think through and resolve. The trade-off was worth it, big-time. What I'm doing would be impossible otherwise.

AnneMarie: Fortunately, the boxes are light and their contents are unbreakable!

Lynn, it took a while to get up the courage to show where I really work . . . and a big gulp to post it.

Joanne, the office works about the same way it always did, which is nice. I do have access to the heat vent. Light from both sides has been the big change in the desk area! I just do have room to perform the other tasks that had to happen.

Kristi, I've dropped you a note with some residency ideas.

mary jane

Holy Cow, Thank you for posting this! If I ever feel overwhelmed...which is often...I need only look here...I admire you tremendously. Congratulations on your new space.

Deb Robson

Thanks in return for the laugh! Its actually a little tighter in here now. I had to put together more boxes to accommodate more samples, both incoming and completed. Without the new space? Utterly impossible.

And this morning Im off to the library, for a bit of work in a space that is extremely well organized. Im very grateful for the alternate realities of coffee shops and libraries.

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