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September 25, 2009


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donna Druchunas

Great! Thanks for sharing about this.


Could anything be more closely linked to your own passions for fiber and CSA's? Great write-up, thanks!


Ahh, I've gotten behind on your fabulous posts! One thing I'm seeing, more and more, is that good farmers, shepherds, etc. are not always good publicity and advertising specialists. CSAs are wonderful, I belong to one for veggies, but I see many farmers who are not up for the communication level that CSAs require. They just lack the time, or the skills or the desire. The CSA model is one that needs a helper, at times. I don't necessarily think of a person who organizes it as being in between the farmer and the consumer. I see that person as being able to help the farmer do farming--and the consumer gets a value added product because of all the information, communication and advertising that comes with it.

I don't think a farmer who can't manage the publicity and the delivery of goods because of lack of time or skills doesn't deserve to be part of a CSA. I just wish that farmer could hire a coordinator, just as, say, another kind of business might, to get the job done!

Deb Robson

A farmer I met with over this past weekend has considered the CSA model, but doesn't want the "pressure"--some perceive it as that, and some perceive it as relief. He's doing just fine growing his vegetables and taking them to farmers' markets. He operates in a more serendipitous mode.

I do think that anyone who organizes a CSA *does* need to be close enough to the farm to develop the sense of relationship and immediacy, although certainly it doesn't need to be the farmer. Someone could do the organizing work for barter.

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