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September 14, 2009


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OK, you know some local sheep farmers, right? Do you have a plastic/rubber trash can? Sheep manure is The Best for gardens. It doesn't burn like steer or chicken manure. Also....have any sour milk? That's really good for your garden, too!


Boy, can I relate. We've had ONE tomato so far this year, and I'm praying the melons and peppers ripen before the frost. We got started way late... maybe we'll have an Indian summer and get an extra month of garden time...

Deb Robson

Have both sheep access and trash cans (plus llama beans, which I haven't managed to get to the back yard yet). I have a concern that the squirrels like the manure that's already *on* the garden, which is the reason they've been digging craters in the unplanted bed, in addition to stealing things from the planted beds!

Deb Robson

We just want some zucchinis. I can't believe I'm saying that. My daughter loves zucchinis, especially the little-enough ones, not the baseball bats.

L.M. Cunningham

Our gang of Skippy Squirrels are fairly indefatigable and I bet yours will be as well. They aren't crazy about plastic, with which we use to build our greenhouse, but can get through pretty much anything else you can think of for fencing.

I've thought that the fine, 1/2" rigid plastic mesh I've seen at Home Depot would be useful, if one could securely fasten a top to it (like a cold frame!) but aquirrels are relentless and inventive to the extreme.

We harvested a bag of our potatoes: we had a two-handed scoopful, which is considerably fewer than we had thought/hoped. There might be a few more in it though -- all we did was paw through the bag, instead of removing and sifting through all the soil.

But combined with some homegrown shallots, tarragon, and sage, and two small WallaWalla onions from one of our local growers, they made a fine side dish to the BBQed bison kabobs I made for dinner on Saturday.

Deb Robson

Do I want to hear this about squirrels? Nope, no, I don't. I'll be contemplating metal fencing this winter.


Yes, a bad year, but some of those plants look pretty great! I'd say you did pretty well, considering...

Deb Robson

What we got looks good! With a few more weeks, the results might even feel worth all the expense and work. . . . Working on taking the long view. . . . Next year. . . .

L.M. Cunningham

:-) Saw a documentary on them a few years ago: a biologist set up an extremely complex obstacle course for them that involved sliding down a tube, riding a windmill to get between platforms, and going through a maze, among many other things, to get to some peanuts.

It took half a dozen of them two weeks of experimentation, but they solved it, and in the process, overcame their fears of closed spaces and swinging on ropes to conquer it.

You've been warned.... ;-)

Deb Robson



Squirrels are one of my least favorite subjects. We've been without them for a week, maybe. Before that about 9 months. We really need to cut down the tree they jump out of and up to, to get on the roof. That would be extreme, though, wouldn't it?

We have harvested one tomato from our 3 plants. One plant did not even flower. The other has many green tomatoes on it, the right size but we don't know if they will ripen in time. The plant is too big to take into the basement, as I've done with smaller plants in the past.

Couldn't decide what to do tonight, so I read blogs rather than do any of the things on my "maybe" list. I guess it's a weekend and I shouldn't feel too guilty, I have no classes to teach.

Deb Robson

Lynn, I think if you are reading blogs and enjoying a weekend that is well-deserved down-time!

I love watching squirrels. In someone else's yard. Sorry your tomatoes are in the same shape as ours!

Renee's Garden sent a newsletter today with seed suggestions for next year. So tempting. Hope springs eternal.

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