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August 15, 2009


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donna Druchunas


Deb Robson

Glad you enjoyed it! I'm never sure about some of my random-topic posts. . . .

I did go back to visit this colony a second time, and introduced them to my relatives. Or vice versa.

Susan J. Tweit

The sea lions like this particular harbor in Astoria because they can pig on juvenile salmon swimming out to sea from the Columbia, and on adult salmon returning for their perilous journey upstream through the dams to spawn. They're heck on the Columbia River's remaining salmon population....

Deb Robson

I figured it was salmon. I'm not sure, though, whether the sea lions are worse for the salmon than the many dams and other human-added impediments along the Columbia and other rivers. Tom Jay, whom I've known from Port Townsend and saw a year or so ago at the Sitka Symposium in Alaska, has been working on restoring free runs for salmon in the Northwest: http://www.thelateralline.com/tomjay

Susan J. Tweit

I'm all for restoring wild salmon in the NW and removing the dams. I hear a lot about the relative issues with salmon and sea lions and dams and urban runoff and other impediments to salmon survival in the Columbia from my bro, who is Washington State's chief policy wonk and scientist for the Columbia and Puget Sound fisheries, and is also on the staff of the N Pacific Fisheries Commission. It's a fascinating and maddening and complicated set of issues.

donna Druchunas

I want to move there! (Can you tell CO is not my favorite place? Plus I'm in one of those transition periods. Trying to get through it without moving this time though. Don't want to move until the next transition when I 'retire'! :-) (When Dom retires, really, at about 53.)

Deb Robson

Astoria's a great place. Not too far from Portland. Sort of full of tourists in the summer, but if you go out of town a little way it's mellower. I've lived in heavily touristed places, and our patterns of travel shifted seasonally to stay out of the influx.

Deb Robson

The "fascinating and maddening and complicated set of issues" is why what I do here is describe what I saw and my personal feelings about it instead of getting into the details. If I could spend full-time studying it, I would likely be able to come up with opinions about what I think "should" be done ("should" being a loaded word). But I can't. So I observe and marvel.

My brother-in-law (one of the folks I am spending time with this week) was an Alaska salmon fisherman for more than 25 years. He has opinions.

Susan J. Tweit

I bet he does! Everyone in the PNW has opinions about salmon.... It's always lovely to read about the world as you see it!

Deb Robson

His opinions are as complex as the issues, too. It's fascinating. At holidays, we give each other books. . . . They're always thought-provoking. . . . Not simple. . . .

Susan J. Tweit

He might like Strand: An Odyssey of Pacific Ocean Debris, new from OSU Press. It's not about salmon management, but it's a very interesting commentary on our impacts on the ocean....

Deb Robson

Thanks--he probably would like that a great deal. He's someone who has read an encyclopedia. Don't play Trivial Pursuit with him unless you want to lose. He's not always right (in other folks' opinions {grin}), but he can always back up his ideas.

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