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August 19, 2009


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Susan J. Tweit

Fabulous socks! Priscilla's a designing genius, and you are an amazing fiber whisperer. Would that I had your patience and meticulousness--I think I'll stick to darning socks for now!

Diana Troldahl

Yumm! The yarn is well-named. :-}
I am going to try your easy-on-the-hands tip of knitting with smaller needles, more loosely.
Diana (LynnH' of Colorjoy's Sis-in-law)

Deb Robson

You're the one who's such a good cook, right?

Deb Robson

Darning is an art.

Odd, I don't think of it as patience but as curiosity about how the thing will turn out.

Yes, Priscilla's a designing genius. She doesn't see herself that way, but it's unquestionable from the outside.

Susan J. Tweit

Your knitting is an art, as is your spinning and your knowledge of the fiber--your fingers know fiber like some people know wood or stone. That's art!


Whew! I think I can cope with size 1 needles! :-P I brought the pattern with me on my east coast visit, but tiny people prevent my planned trip to the yarn store. That's okay, because you can get me started when you finally meander back to CO!


The booklet looks great, and will be wonderful if it's half as good as Priscilla's other books. Pity about the .pdf though, it's much easier when you're ordering from the UK. But I can understand the problems....

Deb Robson

Kris, this pattern is EXTREMELY flexible and can be worked in any yarn you want. A sportweight on larger-than-1 needles would be great. TOO thick (like worsted) and you'd want a regular, instead of split/tabi, toe construction.

Deb Robson

Thanks, Susan. Spent last evening with a friend of similar inclinations analyzing some amazing textiles. I want to blog about them, and wish I knew how to take photographs through a magnifier (maybe 25x). WOW, did we discover interesting things when we got up really close! (with the help of lenses).

Deb Robson

We can arrange to get a PDF to you in the UK. The trick is the "immediate download from the web" part.


Sometime I should bring my camera over and we could play with taking pictures up close/with magnification. It does amazing macro (I can get as close as my light source allows (within mm-s) of the object.)

Your blog is facinating :)

Susan J. Tweit

You need a camera that hooks up to a dissecting microscope.... Or someone to advise you in scientific photography! I bet there's a scientific photo lab at CSU.

Deb Robson

Well, duh. I need to get in touch with the textiles department at CSU about some donations I want to make (some things that I am not the best custodian for). They have recently revamped their costume department. I have a contact there. I've just expanded what I want to talk with her about.

Of course, this is a *side trip* for me, and I have a book deadline. . . .

But this lace is truly exceptional.

Deb Robson

Ohh, cool! Within millimeters should do it.

There are a few things on this that I almost can't see with my eyes alone, and yes, it's handmade. I thought there were some commercial components (a standard way to do some types of laces, and there are several types of lace construction in this complex combination) until I put the big eye on it. EEK! NOT commercial.

Susan J. Tweit

I figured you'd have a contact there. Textile departments often have microscope capacity, and I bet they need to photograph textiles under microscopes sometimes. Archeologists and anthropologists who do fibers often have that capability too.

Deb Robson

I know about the archaeologists and anthropologists who do textile examination . . . I even know who and where they are (although I'm not about to send off my textile if I don't have to). I just haven't had in my possession anything this mind-boggling that gave me a reason to think in these terms!

Susan J. Tweit

It's cool that you have a piece of textile that is that exciting!

Deb Robson

It is THRILLING. I drove today wondering if I'd been deceiving myself about it. But both Stephenie and I together, with a bunch of significant experience between us, could not be deceiving ourselves to that extent. . . . I have not had it out of the box I packed it in again. I'm home. I'm waiting until I get other stuff settled, bills paid, and so on. . . .

Susan J. Tweit

Cool! I'll look forward to more of the story as you find the technology....

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