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August 12, 2009


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Sarah JS

Great to hear (the beginnings) of your trip. Did I tell you that I got my husband to drive Honister Pass in the English lake district? Had 20 - 25% grades. No trucks there!

Deb Robson

20 to 25% grades? I'm impressed! No, you hadn't mentioned it. The mind boggles. Yes, cars can handle a lot steeper grades than trucks can. Still.

Linda Cunningham

There are a few roads up in the national parks here that have runaway ramps: they were installed after a gasoline tanker came roaring down the hill from Sinclair Pass into Radium Hot Springs (just across the AB-BC border) out of control, flipped when it came off the road, landed in the main hot spring pool, and burst into flames.

The driver and a few (very few, thankfully, since it was winter) people in the pool were killed, and the next summer, construction began.

Even though this happened more than thirty years ago, you can still see where the foliage was incinerated by the fire on the hill....

Deb Robson

That's the worst runaway event I've heard about, and the ones I've heard about have been bad. Ramps are there for a reason.

Drivers in the Rockies get impatient with trucks going slowly and attempt to pass in inappropriate locations. If only they knew what the stakes really are. . . .


Thank you for taking both the time to travel through the West, and the time to share your impressions.

Linda Cunningham

It certainly cured me of any career plans I might have had as a long-haul trucker....

And as a frequent visitor to the area, it's been interesting, over the years, to see how the area has grown up. It's an interesting microclimate to start with, being a very steep hillside above water that is 100 deg. F at source.

In fact, there are signs at that end of the pool that discuss the small (and rare) snake that makes it home there.

Deb Robson

I was married to a long-haul trucker. He taught me a lot about "reading the road"--telling what had gone on from signs traffic left on the asphalt and shoulders and all. Over-the-road trucking can be very hard on the body even when there aren't runaway vehicles involved.

lynne s of oz

I'm glad to see I am not the only person who likes clouds. 2900 miles through Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Oregon gave me plenty of cloud watching and photographing :-)
SS sounds like a blast, only I had the choice of Europe or SS...

Deb Robson

Europe would be wonderful, too!

When I moved to Colorado (near but not in the mountains), I had to learn to look UP to find things I was interested in seeing. I was accustomed to being near water, mountains, forests, and old houses, as well as stormy weather. Here, the sky carries the day many times.

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