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August 13, 2009


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Linda Cunningham

(sigh) I'm jealous. Of all of it.

On the up side, I broke down and bought a new-to-me computer: my regular photographic store was selling the demo of the little sister of your desktop Mac at a steep discount.

Now, if I can just finish off all the deadline work on the old box, and buy a copy of CS4, I'll join the Leopard revolution.

Deb Robson

A new computer is a good thing. Glad you got one! The deadline shift in systems is oh-so-familiar. I don't upgrade anything (if at all possible) while in the middle of a big project.

donna Druchunas

welcome home! we missed you.

donna Druchunas

"Barbara Walker’s lecture on how she became a knitter took an interesting turn into how she became a skeptic."

Damn, I knew I wanted to come. LOL. Did you get to go to this talk?


Wow. Looks like an amazing event. I'd love to hear what you all talked about at the Luminary Panel...


Happy you found my LP pic useful, & thanks for the blog plug! Now that I've had a few days to decompress from the entire SS experience, I'm drafting a follow-up post with deeper impressions, if you are interested.

On a personal note, I was surprised by my own emotional response to the panel discussion. Maybe it was all that estrogen in the room, but I was quite taken with all 9 of you.

PS - Chicken head is a good look for you. ;)

Deb Robson

Thanks. . . . I'm still on the road! Glad YOU'RE home. We missed YOU!


Thank you ever so much, Deborah. You are very kind. I am so glad that I dedicated that color to you! In fact, it told me who it's for....:)
I learned to write with a fountain pen as a kid, too, in fact I still have one.

I am sending you those 3 additional skeins tomorrow.

Deb Robson

The Luminary Panel: how knitting has changed in the past 100 years (!), intellectual property and copyright and creativity, potential differences in being independently in business for women versus men, how the heck we got into this in the first place, balancing responsibilities among the parts of our lives. . . .

Deb Robson

I'll look forward to your follow-up post! I'd be interested in hearing about your response to the panel discussion. It was quite a responsibility being up there, and somewhat dimmed our ability to perceive the event as a whole--we were focusing minute-by-minute. We had been offered the questions in advance, and all chose not to pre-think the ideas but to respond on the spot.

I'm glad I look good with a chicken.

Deb Robson

Oh, and no, I didn't get to her talks. I was teaching/assisting. I did get to visit with her casually several times.

Deb Robson

Barbara Walker is one of the most brilliant people I've ever met. She is also one of the most modest and thoughtful. She knitted every one of the swatches in her stitch dictionaries. Thinking all the time, I'm sure. . . .

Deb Robson

Thanks to you, Karin! I'm looking forward to swatching. I have several fountain pens . . . not the fancy kind, but the kind that writes really well without being too precious to use.


I'm soooo envious of those who could attend.
Though I'm hearing a rumor that this was the *Innaugural* Sock Summit. And further rumors whisper of Toronto, which is drivable from here.
Must start saving my pennies NOW.

I'm in awe of that Luminary Panel. I would have been star-struck speechless...

donna Druchunas


I met several wonderful and brilliant people on my travels this summer. But I SO would love to meet Barbara!

Let's get together soon. Coffee? Bagel? Lunch?

donna Druchunas

Maybe I can teach my Lithuanian sock class next time! :-)

Deb Robson

Very good thought!

Deb Robson

Yes, you would love to meet Barbara. Such a gentle, persistent, intelligent soul. "Soon" will need to be after I'm back in the state! Yes, then.

donna Druchunas

Any idea if Barbara has agreed to go to the UK Knit Camp next August? I know Jo was going to invite her...

Deb Robson

I don't know. I'm just putting together a post with more links to Sock Summit info, including some on UK Knit Camp.

My guess is that Barbara likes her life the way it is and is not into disrupting it with a bunch of travel. I could be wrong.


I quite like that all panel members opted for the "surprise me" route to questions. I think it encouraged more interaction between respondents; clearly, you were all using one anothers' answers as springboards for your own thoughts.

If you are still curious about my follow-up post, it is up at: http://bit.ly/8CkhQ Also, I meant to offer yesterday that you are welcome to use the photograph you liked in any way you'd like. (I'm working on my Plays Well with Others badge. ;) Feel free to email me if you'd like the original .jpeg image.

And I have chicken envy, to be sure. http://bit.ly/18Io0p


It was staggering being at the Summit. As amazing as it all was I treasured the Luminary Panel the most. I'm afraid I was seated in the back and couldn't always tell who was speaking. Was that you that commented that we have to keep the new ideas flowing when asked about copyright? I really liked what you said about how we have to take care of ourselves, it's all too true. Thank you Deb for your insight!

donna Druchunas

Funny how sometimes travel is a disruption and sometimes a treat!

Deb Robson

Yes, we were responding to each other's ideas, as much as we could hear them! There was that microphone thing going on, where the mikes swallow (or partially swallow) the sounds on stage. We did pretty well, I think, considering that.

Thanks for your follow-up post. It's a pleasure. And yes, I'd love to be able to use your image (with credit, of course). I'll e-mail you.

Are those chickens on bikes wearing their helmets??? I think so, but can't be sure!

Deb Robson

And sometimes both, simultaneously. . . .

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