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August 16, 2009


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donna Druchunas


Deb Robson

. . . especially about the cobbler. . . .

donna Druchunas

miškas ir jūra ... the forest and the sea

lynne s of oz

Sounds like you've had a lovely time and good on your Mum for walking so far when she has mobility problems! (My Mum used to go for walks with 2-3" heels! LOL) Dead Man's Cove looks sooo pretty.

Deb Robson

Yes. Add mountains (which we had) and it's perfect.


Your mom looks great and I think it is great you were able to enjoy the hike to the lighthouse together. Beautiful photo of the cove.

Deb Robson

My mom *is* great, in many, many ways.


Coincidence - cleaning up my favorites, I noticed reference to WA and Cape Disappointment. Read about your exploration, hike to Lighthouse. Allowed my husband and me to return to our visit and hike at same spot last May on a trip to West Coast from Maine. Had similar feelings about hike and loved!!! area.
Enjoy your writings always!!

Deb Robson

Thanks for your comment! I have a small poster I got of the lighthouse when I was there that I need to put up in my office (which is halfway underground) as a reminder of that hike. It was so cool to be able to do it with my mother.

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