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August 20, 2009


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Will you be traveling much farther down into Oregon? or over to the coast?

Deb Robson

I'm in southern Oregon now, and heading toward northern California tomorrow. One more stop and then I turn toward home. I'm hoping to have enough net connection and time tomorrow to blog about today, which was a delight full of sheep.


I would guess you headed down I-5?
Just curious. I am on Cape Blanco which is on the south coast. I guess a whole lot like where you stayed with your family in WA. Lots of cranberries, beaches and sheep...

Linda Cunningham

Anything new on the wheel front you plan on telling about (good and bad!)?

There's a wonderful residency program based not far from WW that I've looked at from time-to-time: I suspect I'd find an excuse to pop in and check out the "stash-enhancement room of closeouts."

Often. ;-)

Deb Robson

Wheel news, small but significant: I have a new version of the mother-of-all for my Alden Amos mini-T charkha (not from Woodland Woolworks, but direct from the man himself). Just for fun. http://pweb.jps.net/~gaustad/index.html

Deb Robson

Yes, I-5, with a couple of detours not too far off it (not as far as the coast). I don't like I-5, so I did a bunch of the distance on nearby two-lanes when I could afford the extra time.

I think you have a lighthouse, too!


Maybe you will make a trip back to Oregon one of these days...

Deb Robson

I really like Oregon. I used to live in Washington (Olympic Peninsula, as well as Seattle). It's easy for me to think about another trip. I just need to figure out how to live a life that lets me travel more! (Maybe I have a start: I just did travel a bunch.)

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